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Chances are, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is unlike any park you've experienced. It's remote and undeveloped, beautiful and vast. The information below will help you come prepared for all that this wonderful, challenging place has to offer.

looking over the bow of a kayak across a blue lake toward cloud-covered mountains
Kayaking is one of many adventures you can have in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

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Your visit to Lake Clark might include a quiet moment watching coastal Alaskan brown bears graze on the protein rich sedges at Silver Salmon Creek or Chinitna Bay. It could include a visit to Dick Proenneke's historic cabin on upper Twin Lake. Maybe your visit will be a rigorous backpacking trip with friends over tundra slopes and past turquoise lakes...whatever you're planning, find more information here!

a man sitting in a dune buggy wheelchair on the beach

Lake Clark's goal is to provide the highest possible level of accessibility to our visitors. See about the services and facilities available

a spotting scope pointed at a mountain that is reflecting in a lake
Basic Trip Planning

Find information about fees, passes, permits, reservations, operating hours and seasons, current conditions, weather, and pet policies.

a woman stands on a dock next to a plane and a boat
Directions and Air Transport

Lake Clark is not on the road system; therefore, access is primarily by small aircraft. Learn how to get to this isolated park in Alaska.

photo of a waterfall cascading down
Places To Go

As a vast and largely undeveloped wilderness, there are countless places to explore; however, there are a few areas of particular interest.

Pots and pans hang from a cabin wall
Eating and Sleeping

There are a wide variety of lodging options within the park from rustic camping opportunities, to all inclusive lodges offering guided tours

photo of a kayak paddle breaking the water's surface in a blue lake with a mountain in the distance.
Things to Do

Wilderness adventure is easy to find in Lake Clark. These suggestions may help you figure out what you want your adventure to be.

Photo of a campfire near a lake at dusk.
Park Rules and Regulations

Can I have a campfire? How must I store my food? Are drones allowed? Where can I take my gun? Are some places closed? Know before you go!

a bear barrel sits on a beach with distant kayak and mountains at dusk in the background

A rugged wilderness requires special care from visitors. The weather, terrain, and wildlife can all present challenges.

Last updated: October 30, 2019

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