I’ll Tell You a Story (Sukdu Neł Nuhtghelnek): Stories I Recall from Growing Up on Iliamna Lake

Children pose with toys in front of Old Iliamna School
Old Iliamna School, 1930.

Donated by Anne Seversen Monsen


"When I was a child, my mother taught me only speaking in the Dena'ina language. And she told me stories. And that then is how I learned to speak the Dena'ina language. And now while you are still young, if you learn this, then you can teach other people when you get old." - Walter Johnson, 2004

Front cover of Sukdu Nel Nuhtghelnek, featuring a photo of Iliamna Lake with an artist's depiction of a medicine man's fireball.
I’ll Tell You a Story (Sukdu Neł Nuhtghelnek): Stories I Recall from Growing Up on Iliamna Lake

By Walter Johnson

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Chapter 1: Dena'inaq' Ch'qenashi (Talking Dena'ina)
Chapter 2: Annie Rickteroff Johnson, Shunkda Shin (My Mother, Annie Rickteroff Johnson)
Chapter 3: Vighutiztin Hkaytaghi'u Ts'dults'iht (When We Stayed At Lonesome Bay)
Chapter 4: Qunsha Uqu Ch'el'an (Ground Squirrel Hunting)
Chapter 5: Ełyin Uqu Ch'ul'an (We Went For Spruce Hen)
Chapter 6: Qutsaghił'iy Tlegha Uqu Nuqenk'ch'duttił (We Hunt For Seal Oil)
Chapter 7: Gangi Ch'eł'ani (How We Use Ice Skates)

Chapter 8: Chu Uqu Ch'el'an Łitl'enteh (Spring Beaver Hunting)
Chapter 9: K'ghuzhaghałen Qanłnik'a (The Giant's Rock)
Chapter 10: Slop Bucket Ti'inił (The Guy Dumping the Slop Bucket)
Chapter 11: El'ekna Daz'a (The Medicine Men's Fire -The Fireball or Comet)
Chapter 12: Tak'nelashen ch'u El'egen (The Priest and The Medicine Man)
Chapter 13: Dghili Dnayi ch'u Q'ich'idya (The Mountain People and The Rock Rabbit)
Chapter 14: Ch'ggagga Sukdu'a (Chickadee Story or The Woman Who Turned Into A Bear)

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