Archeology is not just digging in the dirt. Archeologists study the past, solve mysteries, and uncover the stories of objects left behind by earlier people and cultures. Archeologists are anthropologists, meaning they study people, but they are not geologists (who study rocks and minerals) or paleontologists (who study ancient reptiles or fossils). Archeology is one of many tools like oral or written histories that park staff use to unearth Lake Clark's history.
a stone projectile point

Why Archeologists Value Context

Context give archeologists a more complete picture of the past.

a rocky ice patch

Ice Patch Archeology

High elevation areas where ice patches form are not frequented by a significant number of people today, but what about in the past?

a peach colored microblade core

Is This the Park's Oldest Artifact?

Is the the oldest object in the park collections? Was it found at the oldest archaeological site in the park?

two people excavating an archeological site

Preserving Archeological Sites and More

What park staff are doing to preserve archeological sites and cultural landscapes.

A semi-buried clam dredge in the sand

So You Found a Site or Artifact...

What to do when you find an archeological site or an artifact in the wild.

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