With accessible camping, picnicking, and visitor center facilities, Lava Beds National Monument strives to be a place for everyone to enjoy.

Caves: Due to the difficulties in navigating into, out of, and through the underground environment, the caves are not accessible for those in wheelchairs. If you would like to view the entrance of a cave, or see portions from above ground walkways, rangers can provide recommendations at the visitor center. Please keep in mind that cave environments are very dark and can be difficult to navigate with loose rock floors and areas with low ceilings in most caves. Please talk with a ranger at the visitor center to determine which caves would be most suitable for you and your group.

Visitor Center display, which includes rocks, plants, and artifacts in front of an image of the wetlands near Tule Lake

The Visitor Center: The parking lot has a gently sloping paved approach to the visitor center, and two accessible parking spots large enough for van access. Outside the visitor center you'll find accessible restrooms and drinking fountains. Inside the center you can explore the museum, peruse the bookstore, and watch the park video. The museum has multiple touch exhibits about the natural and cultural features of the park. We have a close captioned version of the park film and a script available on request. Due to limited counter space, some bookstore items may be hard to reach, however rangers are happy to assist.


Trails and Overlooks: Most of the park trails are not considered accessible as they are surfaced with lava, loose gravel, have drop-offs, and/or are steep. Most overlooks have ramps to the top of sidewalks, and wayside exhibits.

Picnicking: Picnic areas and tables, accessible to visitors in wheelchairs, are available at Fleener Chimneys, and the picnic area near Mushpot Cave. Some assistance maybe needed in areas of loose gravel in and/or near these picnic areas.

Restrooms: Accessible restrooms are available throughout the monument, and in the campground.


Camping: There are two accessible campsites in the campground. During the winter when half of the campground is closed, there is one accessible campsite available. The campground amphitheater also has an asphalt sloped trail to its location from both the A & B loops of the campground.

Last updated: January 28, 2024

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