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Help us determine the biodiversity throughout Knife River Indian Villages NHS! Use the iNaturalist app to take pictures of plants, trees, birds, bugs, or animals you find in the park. We'll compile this data to use in important research. You'll learn about the local plants and animals, and how they supported village life in the Hidatsa tribe.
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Download app from the play or app store.

iNaturalist. Available from Accessed 7/1/19.

Step 1:

Download the iNaturalist app on Android, iPhone, or your computer before you come to the park. We do not have wifi at the park, so it is easier if you download the app before your visit.

List from project drop down menu. Knife River project is the first of seven listings.
Be sure to select Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Park Stewards from the project list.

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Step 2:

Connect with the project. It is called Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Park Stewards.

Hand holds smart phone over clump of purple flowers. Image of same flowers displays on phone screen.
Use your smart phone to take pictures of life at Knife River Indian Villages NHS. (No pictures of people please.)

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Step 3:

Take pictures of interesting live things in the park. Don't forget to click on our project to add it to the data.

Screenshot of iNaturalist comment section. States Hidatsa word for Wild Grape, 3 traditional uses, and a reference.
One example of a description found in the Knife River iNaturalist project.

NPS Photo / Gray

Step 4:

Check back on your app periodically to find out what you saw. Applicable items will have a comment box with how the Hidatsa tribe used the item during village life.


Last updated: June 20, 2020

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