Explore the lives of the Northern Plains Indians on the Upper Missouri

Earthlodge people hunted bison and other game, but were in essence farmers living in villages along the Missouri and its tributaries. The site was a major Native American trade center for hundreds of years prior to becoming an important market place for fur traders after 1750.

History & Culture

Two children re-enacting village life

Beaded Gloves
Robinson Collection

Beaded Gloves in the Robinson Collection

4 kids and female ranger sit in circle on floor playing a game with bowls, sticks, and wooden chips.
Kids' Camp

Knife River Indian Villages NHS offers a one-day kids' camp in July and August.

Hand holds a smart phone above a clump of purple flowers. Same flowers are displayed on phone.
Citizen Science Opportunities

Knife River Indian Villages NHS needs your help to collect data on the biodiversity of the park's mixed-grass prairie ecosystem.

6 students listen to a female ranger's presentation inside an earthlodge.
Field Trips

Knife River Indian Villages NHS invites your class to visit and interact with the park in person.

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