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Want to know how many calories you just burned while you hiked up that mountain? You're in the right place! The Kennesaw Mountain Calorie Counter shows the calories you burned while you read about historic landmarks along the way. This is a map of the park, an estimate of calories burned, time and distances for hiking trails, and educational guidelines. A handout with this information is also available at the Visitor Center.

Calories calculated using the Walking Calorie Burn Calculator.

Park map. # 1 - 4 match with the descriptions on page. Along north-south trail, #1 Kennesaw Mountain-just behind Visitor Center. #2 Pigeon Hill -just N of Burnt Hickory Rd. #3 Cheatham Hill-just NE of Illinois Monument. #4 Kolb's Farm- just S of hwy 360.
Four Great Trail Destinations


Big Mountain Hike

Visitor Center to Big Kennesaw Mountain Top
2 miles - approximately 1 hour hike

#1 on map - Approximately 1808 feet above sea level, Big Kennesaw Mountain was held by Confederate forces in 1864. Observant hikers will notice cannons and trenches as they hike.

  • 302 calories (130 lb person)
  • 371 calories (160 lb person)
  • 464 calories (200 lb person)

Pigeon Hill Trail

Visitor Center to Pigeon Hill
5.4 miles - approximately 2 hour hike

#2 on map - No one is sure how Pigeon Hill got its name, only that it is where Sherman's two major attacks were repulsed.

  • 460 calories (130 lb person)
  • 566 calories (160 lb person)
  • 708 calories (200 lb person)

Noses Creek Trail

Burnt Hickory Road to Dallas Highway
3.7 miles - approximately 1.5 hour hike

#3 on map: Cheatham Hill - On June 27, 1864, some serious fighting took place here. It was so bad, soldiers called it the "Dead Angle."

  • 325 calories (130 lb person)
  • 400 calories (160 lb person)
  • 499 calories (200 lb person)

Kolb Farm East/West Trail

Cheatham Hill to Kolb Farm
5.5 miles - approximately 2.5 hour hike

#4 on map - The homestead of the Kolb family was the location of fighting on June 22, 1864. You may visit the family cemetary and view the exterior of the family home today.

  • 433 calories (130 lb person)
  • 533 calories (160 lb person)
  • 666 calories (200 lb person)

Last updated: September 16, 2021

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