Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield?
We have over 18 miles of interpretive trails to hike, an 18 minute orientation film in the visitor center, a museum and 4 self guided driving tour stops. Be sure to grab a brochure when you come into the visitor center.

What are the hours of operation?
The Battlefield is open 7 days a week with posted seasonal closing times at the entrance of every parking area. Grounds and facilities are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

How many miles of trails are available?
There are over 18 miles of maintained interpretive trails. You can download a trail map by clicking here.

Are there Mountain Biking trails?
No. Bikes may be ridden on open paved roads only. Bikes are subject to confiscation and rider ticketed if found anywhere other than a roadway.

My loved one has passed and wanted their ashes spread at Kennesaw Mountain. Is this allowed?
No. We are a battlefield not a final resting place. This directly violates our enabling legislation.

Can I walk on the mountain road instead of the trail?
We prefer you use the trail that leads up the mountain. If you must use the road for your walk/run, PLEASE note that under Georgia code 40-6-96 pedestrians must move to the shoulder of the road as much as possible as to not obstruct traffic. Because this is a traveled road, pedestrians are required by law to yield to all vehicles.

Can I come into the Battlefield when it's closed?
No. For your safety visitation is only allowed during the posted operating hours.

Do you sell National Park Passes?
Yes. You can purchase Kennesaw Mountain NBP annual or day passes, and any of the Interagency Passes at the Visitor Center or online. For more information, please click here

Do you have any bike trails?
No. We are a Civil War battlefield and all trails are interpretive hiking trails. Bikes must use the same open roadways as cars.

Do you offer camping facilities?
Camping is not permitted at Kennesaw Battlefield. We are a day use only Battlefield but there are many hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. For camping check with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash, no more than 6ft in length at all times. Remember that during hotter months, dogs will need more water than humans, make sure to carry extra.

Can I ride my horse?
Several miles of trails are available for riding. The parking area for all trailers is located off of Cheatham Hill Rd near Powder Springs. You must bring your own horse as we do not rent them here.

Is alcohol allowed at Kennesaw Mountain?
No. Alcohol is prohibited in all areas of the Battlefield.

Is there a fee to visit?
Yes. Kennesaw Mountain NBP charges $5 a day, or $40 a year for entrance to the park. This fee applies to all vehicles and recreators. For more information on how to pay and what other passes are accepted, please click here.

What is the elevation of the mountain?
1808 feet above sea level.

I've always wanted to work with the National Park Service. Where can I locate the job for me?
Log on to USAJobs to to find an opportunity for you.

Are there areas for recreating and picnics?
Yes. Stop by the visitor center and pick up a free brochure that illustrates all of our activity and picnic areas.

Can I use a metal detector to hunt for relics?
No. Per 36 CFR 2.1(a)(7) it is prohibited and possession of a metal detector on Battlefield grounds is a felony.

Are firearms allowed at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield?
On February 22, 2010, new laws concerning firearms in National Parks were put in place. For details on what is permitted click here.

When was Kennesaw Mountain designated as a National Battlefield?
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield was designated on February 8, 1917, Cheatham Hill was added on August 10, 1933.

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Battlefield Facts:

Gross Area Acres for FY 2008 - 2,923
Gross Area Acres for FY 2004 - 2,884
Gross Area Acres for FY 2003 - 2,884

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2012 - 1,935,909
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2010 - 1,512,191
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2008 - 1,415,917

Last updated: September 19, 2023

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