Bicycling Information

Bicycles are permitted on open, paved, roadways only. For the mountain road, bicycles are only permitted on non-holidays Monday-Friday. Bicycles are NOT permitted on the mountain road on weekends or major holidays (to include Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and the day after Thanksgiving) due to the shuttle bus operation.
When the mountain road is open to private motor vehicles, it is open to bicycles. The posted times for motorized and non-motorized vehicles (to include bicycles) are available at the front gate and at the entrance of the mountain road.
Bikes are subject to confiscation and the rider cited if found other than stated areas above.
For your safety and the safety of other mountain road users:
  • Adhere to the posted 25 mile per hour speed limit.
  • Bikes travel single file only.
  • Be courteous and share the road as others are expected to share with you.
  • DO NOT pass a motor vehicle
  • If under 16 years of age, a helmet is required.
  • There are 2 pedestrian crosswalks on the mountain road, YIELD to pedestrians.
  • Obey all traffic laws
Other than the mountain road and various parking areas, the main roads that travel through the Battlefield are heavily traveled roads. Use caution at all times!
Interpretive hiking trails are not available for bicycle travel.
There is a paved multi-use trail available 7 days a week at the entrance of the Battlefield which extends for approximately 1.4 miles. Bicycles may use this at any time.

Last updated: September 7, 2020

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