The Atlanta Campaign

"Standing beside the breastworks on that summer evening, under the shadow of grim and silent Kennesaw, with twilight deepening into night, there were shadows on all our hearts as well, shadows that stretched beyond us and fell on hearts and hearthstones far away, shadows that rest there still and never will be lifted."

-Walter Clark, 1st Georgia Infantry

Three long years have passed since the firing upon Fort Sumter and both sides were growing tired of the war. General Grant, the newly appointed Supreme Commander of the Union Army, developed a plan that he hoped would bring a successful end to the War. Part of that plan was to send General Sherman's Army into Georgia to destroy General Joseph Johnston's Confederate Army as well as his supply operations.
Atlanta Campaign Battle Map
Rocky Face Ridge - May 8-9, 1864

Resaca - May 14, 1864

New Hope Church - May 25, 1864

Pickett's Mill - May 27, 1864

Dallas - May 28, 1864

Kennesaw Mountain - June 27, 1864

Atlanta - July 22, 1864

Jonesboro - August 31 - Sept. 1, 1864

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