Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks
Traveling trunks are available for local pickup only on Monday - Friday and cannot be mailed. The Battlefield provides the following trunks for you to enjoy:

History Traveling Trunks:

  • Soldier and Civilian Life Trunks (there are three of these available)
  • The Battlefield-In-a-Box: A Trunk for the Visually Impaired
Each trunk includes reproduction clothing and implements, reading material, and a packet for teachers (that we hope you will keep!)

TREE (Teacher Resources for Environmental Education) Traveling Trunks

  • Four different TREE trunks are available, bringing the outdoors of Kennesaw Mountain to your classroom. Each trunks explores a different natural phenomena of the Battlefield, you may choose from forest, mammals, birds or the geology behind the creation of the mountain.
  • Each trunk contains experiments that may easily be conducted in the classroom and a table-top display that further explains the importance of the trunk's topic to the environment of Kennesaw Mountain.

Important Things to Know About the Trunk Program:

  1. A $100 refundable deposit is required per trunk.
  2. Due to high demand, trunks are issued for 7 business days only unless prior arrangements are made.
  3. To check on the availability of the Traveling Trunks click here.
  4. You MUST fill out a registration form for traveling trunks to reserve yours today.
  5. Confirmation emails are sent 2 days after receipt of registration sheets. If you do not receive your confirmation after 2 days, please check your junk mail folder. If neither have occurred, please phone us at (770) 427-4686 ex. 248.

Last updated: August 11, 2015

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