What to Bring

For General Visiting and/or Short Hikes:
Visitor by Exit Creek
Taking in the view of Exit Glacier from accross Exit Creek

NPS Photo

√ rain gear*

√ warm layers**
√ water
√ snacks
√ sunglasses/sunscreen/hat
√ sturdy boots
√ insect repellant
√ camera/film
√ binoculars
* Heavy, rubber-coated raingear is recommended. Lighter breathable-yet-waterproof fabrics often can't stand up to the steady rain found along the coast.

** Synthetics fabrics such as pile fleece or wool will keep you warm even when wet. Cotton clothing is worthless as insulation once it gets wet.

For backcountry travel or longer day hikes:

Visitor with prepared with plenty of gear.
Geared up for travel on the Harding Icefield

NPS Photo

√ Extra food (at least several days worth for backcountry travel)
√ Water filter (or iodine tablets or extra fuel for boiling water)
√ First-aid supplies
√ Trowel (for burying human waste)
√ Pocket knife/multi-tool
√ Waterproof matches or lighter
√ Pepper spray or other non-lethal bear deterrent
√ Marine radio (if traveling in coastal backcountry)***
√ Stove and fuel
√ Bear resistant food canister (or rope etc. for hanging food)
√ Mosquito head net and light weight gloves for bug protection
√ Roomy tent and extra tarps (you may be holed up for several days!)
***Cell phone coverage is not available in most of the Park.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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