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Visiting Kenai Fjords National Park, like most parts of Alaska, can challenge any traveler. Commercial visitor service providers can help you with trip planning, transportation, equipment, and guides. By law, all commercial service providers must have a commercial use authorization (CUA) from the National Park Service. Among other things, a CUA guarantees that the operator carries basic minimum insurance for clients and adheres to national park regulations designed to protect park resources and your continued enjoyment of them.

Some companies are not required to have a CUA because they operate outside of park boundaries. These include tour boats in the fjords, water taxi services that drop sea kayakers below the mean high tide line, and flightseeing companies that fly over the park but do not land in it. For a list of those companies, please visit the Seward Chamber of Commerce. Please note that the inclusion of an operator on this site is not a specific endorsement but indicates that they have authorization to do business in the park. This page will be updated regularly as CUAs or company information change. To begin, select an activity you are interested in from the menu at the top of this page.

Last updated: August 13, 2017

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