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Bear Glacier Ice-Dammed Lake Webcam

6.5 miles (10.5 kilometers) up-glacier from the terminus of Bear Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park, an ice-dammed lake fills and drains in a cycle that produces near-annual glacial lake outburst floods. In 2017, park staff installed a camera to monitor this source lake to better understand the dynamics of this cycle and reoccurring event. This camera provides a daily image that allows Kenai Fjords National Park researchers to monitor the behavior of this lake and, by analyzing the photos, we are working to better understand the timing and frequency of the drainage events that lead to flooding in the proglacial lake at Bear Glacier's terminus. This camera was purchased with NPS recreational fee funds and is maintained and monitored by Kenai Fjords National Park.

Updated 09/02/2020

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Last updated: September 2, 2020

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