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Kenai Fjords is a living classroom. Students can witness the power of rivers of ice and the resiliency of nature as plants and animals move in after a glacier's retreat. The northern-most extent of the temperate rainforest and a rich fjord estuary ecosystem are found here. 

Dive into our online lesson plans, download our Teachers' Guide to Exit Glacier, or use the features below to discover Kenai Fjords.

Teachers' Resource Manual

Containing information, fact sheets, and lesson plans, this manual is a must for anyone who wants to educate others about Kenai Fjords (PDF - 3.18 MB)

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Ranger-guided Education Programs

Learn about the programs offered by the park's education staff.

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Children sitting by Exit Glacier.

Bring a Ranger to Your Classroom

Schedule a ranger to visit your class, either to prepare students for a field-trip or even if your class can't visit the park.

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Plan a Field Trip

Plan your field trip adventure to Kenai Fjords.

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Those Fabulous Fjords!

Check out this lesson plan introducing your students to fjords - what they are, where they are in the world, and how they formed.

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