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a map of ponds and trails
A map of ponds and boardwalk and river trails with surrounding wetland area

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Pond Ecology

Ponds: The ponds are all human-made by building dirt dykes in an existing wetland. They are connected to each other and the surrounding wetland by pipes that run under the dykes and road. You may see these pipes draining or filling the ponds.

The ponds are habitat for fish, birds, turtles, northern water snakes, frogs, shell fish, snails and some mammals such as muskrat and beaver. The water provides a place to hide so be sure rock throwing is discouraged. Because the water is muddy from wind and animal activity, one may not see animals hiding in the mud at the bottom of the ponds and they can be injured by rocks hitting them. The ponds are also habitat for plants such as the native nuphar, cattail ( corn dog on a stick), and an assortment of rushes and sedges. There is a field guide under the plant section of the web page if you want to concentrate on plants in their habitat.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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