Winter Trail Conditions

Child skiing on snowy road
Visitors of all ages enjoy skiing in Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument.


Come enjoy the snow in Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Grooming operations will generally begin in mid-January and lasts through mid March, depending on snow conditions.

Things to know:

  • The parking lot at the North Gate is plowed, the vault toilet is open, and visitors can access the park by foot, snowshoe, or ski.
  • Ski trails are typically groomed from mid-January to mid-March. Trails from the North Gate along the Old River Loop and Messer Pond Road to Big Spring Brook Hut are groomed. Ski tracks may be set on the Old River Loop.
  • Dogs are permitted on leash, but please try to avoid the ski tracks.
  • Snowshoeing is encouraged. Stay to one side of the groomed trail and avoid any set ski tracks.
  • To track your trip on a map, download the NPS App onto your mobile devices and make Katahdin Woods and Waters available for offline use. The NPS App is currently available for iOS- and Android-powered devices. It can be downloaded for free through the App Store and Google Play.

Current Conditions:

March 3, 2023 - Trails groomed and packed after snow on March 2. See below for updates.

Trail Name


Reported Conditions

Messer Pond Road

4.6 miles one-way to Haskell Hut, additional 4.5 miles one-way to Big Spring Brook Hut.

Snow is present. 03/03/23: Trail is packed and groomed to Haskell Hut.

Old River Road Loop

3.4 miles round-trip

Snow is present. 03/03/23: Trail is packed and groomed.

Oxbow Road

0.4 miles one-way

Snow is present. 03/03/23: Trail is not packed or groomed.

Stair Falls Trail

0.5 miles from Messer Pond Road to Stair Falls

Snow is present. 03/03/23: Trail is packed but not groomed.

K-Comp Road

2.8 miles one-way from Messer Pond-Orin Falls Rd. to East Branch Penobscot River

Snow is present. 03/03/23: Trail is not packed or groomed.

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Last updated: March 3, 2023

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