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36 CFR §3.7 – Personal Floatation Device (PFD) Requirements

(b) In accordance with the State of Maine and U.S. Coast Guard requirements, PFDs must be worn or carried on vessels located within all bodies of water in the monument:

  • If the boat is less than 16 feet long, or is a canoe or kayak of any length, each person on board must have a wearable Type I, II or III PFD.
  • Children 10 years of age and under must wear a Type I, II, or III PFD while on board all watercraft.

Determination: PFDs are known to save lives and enhance the safety of visitors.


36 CFR §3.8 – Boating Operations

(a) (2) Launching a power-driven vessel is prohibited, except at the Lunksoos boat launch.

Determination: The Lunksoos Boat Launch is configured to drive a trailer and canoe/kayak to the edge of the water and is the only place in the monument where this infrastructure exists to safely launch a motor-driven boat whilst protecting the area from resource damage.


36 CFR §4.10 – Travel On Monument Roads and Routes

(a) monument roads, open for travel by motor vehicle are those indicated below, and/or as indicated on the monument’s website road map. See Appendix B for a map of roadways.

  • All unnamed monument roads not blocked by gates, barricades, or rocks.
  • American Thread Road
  • Charlie’s Road
  • Grondin Road
  • Katahdin Loop Road
  • Katahdin View Road
  • Lynsoo Road
  • Messer Pond Road
  • Old River Road
  • Orin Falls Road
  • Oxbow Road
  • Roberts Road
  • Seboeis Road
  • Sherman Lumber Company Road
  • Stacyville Road
  • Sucker Brook Road
  • Swift Brook Road

Determination: Vehicle access is limited to suitable roads to improve the visitor experience and increase the level of safety on the monument.


36 CFR §4.11 – Load, Weight, and Size Limits

(a)(1) The following load, weight, and size limits are established for the routes/roads indicated:

  • Vehicle length of any vehicles utilizing monument roadways shall not exceed 40 feet (including any trailers).
  • Vehicle height of any vehicles utilizing monument roadways shall not exceed 9 feet.
  • Logging trucks are permitted in accordance with the Northern Maine Grant of Crossing Rights (Penobscot County, Maine, Deed Book 9455: 245) and may exceed the 44’ length and 9’ height requirements.
  • Other commercial vehicles are authorized when deeded access rights allow.

Determination: Vehicle length restrictions are based on a lack of area to turn around vehicles in excess of 40’ in length. Vehicle height restrictions are intended to avoid damage to vegetation along roadways.


36 CFR §4.21 – Speed Limits

(b) The following speed limits for all vehicles are established for the routes/roads indicated:

  • 15 mph for the Katahdin Loop Road and Seboeis River Road.

  • 25 mph for all other Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument roads.

Note: Authorized use of bicycles, e-bikes, and other motorized vehicles are subject to all sections of Part 4 that apply to vehicle operations to include speed limits (except sections 4.4, 4.10, 4.11, 4.14, and 4.15)

Determination/Justification: The posted speed limits on monument roads are reduced due to narrow road widths, unpaved road surfaces, uneven road surfaces, and multiple turnoff/view areas along the Katahdin Loop Road. Higher speed limits have been determined to be unsafe.


36 CFR §4.30 – Bicycles

(a) Bicycles and electric bicycles (e-bikes) are allowed on public roads and in parking areas that are open to motor vehicle use by the public.

(b) Administrative roads are open to bicycles and Class 1 e-bikes unless signed for closure to bicycles and/or all access.

Note: On August 27, 2021, the Superintendent identified monument roads and parking areas and administrative roads as open to electric bicycles using the discretionary authority given to the Superintendent under 36 CFR § 4.30 (i). Allowing electric bicycles on public roads and in parking areas will create new opportunities for recreation and access within the monument. It will not create any adverse impacts to monument visitors, resources, or values due to the existing use of these locations by motor vehicles and bicycles. This action is covered by the categorical exclusion 3.2E in the NPS NEPA Handbook. Allowing Class 1 electric bicycles on administrative roads will create new opportunities for recreation and access within the monument and provide additional benefits. The NPS expects no major impacts on monument visitors, resources, or values. This action is covered by categorical exclusion 3.3.D.3 in the NPS NEPA Handbook.

Except as specified in this Compendium, the use of an e-bike within Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is governed by State law, which is adopted and made part of this Compendium. Any violation of State Law adopted by this paragraph is prohibited.
Please see for more detailed information on Maine State Law regarding E-bikes. For further questions regarding e-bikes check with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office or call the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles main office at (207) 624-9000 if you are unsure whether your vehicle qualifies as a motorized bicycle (e-bike).

Determination: Bicycles are allowed on monument roads and in parking areas under 36 CFR 4.30 (a). The Superintendent designated administrative roads for bicycle use in 2020 after making the written determination required by 36 CFR §1.5. The current Superintendent affirms the above.


36 CFR §5.6 – Commercial Vehicles

(b) & (c) Using commercial vehicles on government roads within the monument when such use is in no way connected with the operation of the monument, is generally prohibited, and requires permission or a permit from the Superintendent with the following exceptions:

  • When the use is authorized by land deed/access agreements and right of way agreements.
  • Logging trucks are allowed on roads listed in the Northern Maine Grant of Crossing Rights (Penobscot County, Maine, Deed Book 9455: 245). Appendix B contains a map of monument roadways listing areas where logging trucks and other commercial use vehicles are authorized through deeded rights.

Determination: While commercial vehicles are normally not permitted on NPS lands, some deeds contain right of ways and timber management vehicles are permitted in accordance with the Northern Maine Grant of Crossing Rights, as noted.


CCTV Policy Statement

In accordance with National Park Service Law Enforcement Reference Manual 9 (RM-9), notice is hereby given that Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument uses Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security camera monitoring.

he park’s use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for law enforcement and security purposes will only be to visually monitor public park areas and public activities where no constitutionally protected reasonable expectation of privacy exists. Such CCTV use – which will have adequate privacy and First Amendment safeguards – will be to help ensure public safety and security; facilitate the detection, investigation, prevention, and deterrence of terrorist attack and crime; help ensure the safety of citizens and officers; help assist in the proper allocation and deployment of law enforcement and public safety resources; and help facilitate the protection of the innocent and the apprehension and prosecution of criminals. (RM-9, 26.1)

This policy does not restrict the official use of CCTV in government administrative areas, including administrative buildings, jail holding facilities (RM-9, 26.3.7), revenue collection sites, etc., where the government may record/monitor its facilities. For example, the government may perform unrestricted video/audio recording at revenue collection points (entrance stations, visitor center counters, etc.). This policy does not restrict the use of an Audio/Visual Recording Device (AVRD) in patrol vehicles or officer-worn recording devices used by commissioned rangers. (RM-9, 26.1).

Operation of CCTV cameras, maintenance of recorded images and use of recorded images will be in accordance with NPS and Department policy and applicable laws and regulations. (RM-9, 26.1-26.4) No person will be targeted or monitored merely because of race, religion, gender, sex, disability, national origin, or political affiliation or views. (RM-9, 26.4.2)

Nothing in this policy statement is intended to create any rights, privileges, or benefits not otherwise recognized by law.

End of Compendium for Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument


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Appendix A: First Amendment Areas

Barnard Mountain First Amendment Area located at the trailhead and parking for Barnard Mountain.
Barnard Mountain First Amendment Area


Map of Deasey Ponds Trailhead First Amendment Area. The designated location is marked with a blue boundary line.
Deasey Ponds Trailhead First Amendment Area



Appendix B: Recreation Map

Recreation map showing location of roads within monument and Hunt Farm parcel.
Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Recreation Map


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