The Return of the Night Sky

September 15, 2018 Posted by: Russ Taylor
Green Light over Pointed Mountain Silhouette
Aurora Borealis over Mt Katolinat - All Photos Courtesy of Russ Taylor

After a summer of long Alaskan days, the night sky has finally returned to Katmai. While we certainly enjoy our endless summer days with the ability to hike until well past midnight without headlamps, see bears in the forest on the earliest of mornings, and almost watch the plants grow as they absorb the long sun, we relish the return of the night sky.

 As we delve deeper into September, the angle of light shifts from overhead towards the horizon, the evening sky turns shades of orange as the sliver moon drops behind the mountains, and the aurora borealis makes an occasional foray into the southernmost skies of Alaska.

This time of year we find Katmai in its finest array and we rejoice in it.

A sliver moon setting behind mountain silhouetteWaxing Sliver Moon Setting Behind Mountains in Silhouette 

A sliver moon over a tranquil lake, seen through two treesSliver Moon setting over Lake Brooks

The Milky Way in a darkening blue sky over a snow covered mountain and silhouetted ridgelineThe Milky Way appears in a darkening blue sky

Mars and the Milky Way over a snow covered mountainMars, The Milky Way, Mt Mageik

Lights from the Aurora glows over treesAurora Glow and the Big Dipper over Brooks Camp

Green and pink lights from the Aurora over mountain ridgeFaint Lights from the Aurora seen from The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes 

Green Aurora Lights over Silhouetted Mountains The Aurora Borealis seen from Three Forks in The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes 

Green and purple aurora lights over mountain silhouettesGreen and purple lights over Ikagluik and mountain ridgelines 

Last updated: September 15, 2018

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