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Dam remains
The remains of the South Fork Dam as seen from the North Abutment parking lot.


The North and South Abutments

Visitors can access the North and South Abutments on the remains of the South Fork Dam. The North Abutment, located on Lake Road, can be accessed via a boardwalk near the parking lot. The South Abutment is located on South Abutment Road off of Route 869 in Saint Michael. Interpretive panels on the abutments provide information on the South Fork Dam and May 31, 1889. A cell phone tour is also available at the Visitor Center.

Brown park signs will direct visitors as well a map of the park.

Weather permitting, park grounds are open daily from sunrise to sunset. The remains of the dam are also visible from the Visitor Center.
The Double Cottage


Drive past the Club House and Cottages

The Club House and nine cottages that were once owned by the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club are still standing in present day Saint Michael on Main Street. Park signs will direct visitors from Route 869.

Originally, the Club House and 16 cottages sat on the shore of Lake Conemaugh. Much of present day Saint Michael was once part of the lake. The town of Saint Michael was established after the 1889 flood.

There is a parking lot at the Club House for visitors who wish to walk around on the porch. Please note that the interior of the building is closed. Many of the remaining cottages are private homes and can be identified in the park brochure or by a plaque on the structure.
Wooden sign
This wooden signs shows where the Walk Through The Ruins Trail begins near the parking lot.


Walk Through the Ruins Trail

The Walk Through the Ruins Trail, off of the South Abutment Road near the parking lot, takes walkers to the bottom of the dam, through the breach and back up out of the dam on the other side. Interpretive panels provide information about May 31, 1889, the hillside across from the dam, and much more! Please note that the last portion of the walk contains a steep section. The walk is approximately 1/3 mile.

Weather permitting, park grounds are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Please note there is no winter maintenance on this trail.

Last updated: November 3, 2021

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