William Alexander "W.A." McIntosh (1837-1921)

William Alexander "W.A." McIntosh was born on December 7, 1837, in Ohio. His wife, Minerva, and parents were also Ohio natives. His children were all born in Ohio. However, by 1880, the McIntosh family had moved to Allegheny, PA. W.A. and Minerva had the following children: John S. McIntosh, born in 1861; Burr W. McIntosh, born in 1862; and Nancy B. McIntosh, born in 1866.

He was the president of the New York and Cleveland Gas Coal Company.

In Late June 1881, on the eve of accepting its first guests, the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club stocked Lake Conemaugh with black bass from Lake Erie. W.A. McIntosh was in charge of arranging the shipment of fish from Lake Erie to Lake Conemaugh. You can read the personal account of Mr. McIntosh, published in Field and Stream, Volume 20, March 1883.

McIntosh died at his cottage near London at Grims Dyke on December 5, 1921.

Last updated: February 19, 2021

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