Burial Records A-B

Burial Codes

GCG:German Catholic Cemetery (Geistown)

GC-PL: Grandview Cemetery Private Lot

GC-PP: Grandview Cemetery Public Plot-Bodies found but not recovered by family/friends

GCS: German Catholic Cemetery (Sandyvale)

LYC: Lower Yoder Catholic Cemetery

Missing: Body Never Recovered

NCR: No Cemetery Record

OCG: Old Catholic Graveyard (Conemaugh Borough)

SC: Sandyvale Cemetery

SM: St. Mary's Cemetery (Lower Yoder)

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Aaron, Mrs. H.B., 29 Railroad Street Loysburg, PA

Aaron, Flora, 10 Railroad Street Loysburg, PA

Abele, Katie, 21 Main Street Missing

Abler, August, 28 Conemaugh SC

Abler, Mrs. Louisa, 31 Conemaugh SC

Abler, George, 11 Conemaugh SC

Abler, Lulu Woodvale Missing

Adams, Henry Clay (unknown) NCR

Aker, Alvar, 54 Upper Yoder OCG

Alberter, Anna, 22 Cambria NCR

Alberter, Teresa, 3 Cambria Missing

Alexander, Arailia, K. Broad Street GC-PL

Alexander, John, G., 45 Woodvale Blairsville, PA

Alexander, Mrs. John, G., 45 Woodvale Blairsville, PA

Alexander, Mrs. Martha Main Street Missing

Allison, Florence, 12 Texas Headricks, PA

Allison, Mrs. Jane, 45 Pittsburgh Missing

Alt, John, 65 Conemaugh Missing

Alt, Teresa, 20 Conemaugh Missing

Alt, George, 60 Cambria Missing

Alt, Mrs. Ann, 75 Cambria Missing

Amps, Mary, 11 Cambria Missing

Amps, Nicodemus, 42 Cambria NCR

Amps, Mrs. Teresa, 32 Cambria NCR

Andrews, John, Sr., 57 John Street GC-PL

Arther, Mrs. Alice, 29 Water Street GC-PL

Arthur, Earl, H., 8 Water Street GC-PP

Atkinson, John, 72 East Conemaugh NCR

Aubrey, Thomas, 45 Conemaugh Street Missing

Backer, George, 27 Conemaugh Missing

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Baer, Rosa, L., 17 Grubbtown NCR

Bagley, William Morrellville NCR

Baird, Charles (unknown) NCR

Baker, son of Andrew (unknown) GC-PP

Baker, Mrs. Nelson (unknown) NCR

Baker, James, 22 Woodvale Missing

Baker, Mrs. Mary Woodvale NCR

Baker, Lydia, 20 Woodvale Missing

Baker, Catherine, 70 Market Street NCR

Baker, Agnes, 68 Market Street NCR

Baker, Nancy Market Street Missing

Baker, Richard, 1 Woodvale Missing

Baker, Mellville, 11 Woodvale Missing

Baker, Deronda, 5 Woodvale Missing

Baker, Dolly Woodvale Missing

Baker, Clara, 17 Woodvale Missing

Baldwin, George, 69 Apple Alley SC

Bantley, William, G., 36 Third Ward GC-PL

Bantley, Mrs. Ella, 30 Third Ward GC-PL

Bantley, George, L., 6mo Third Ward GC-PL

Banyan, Mrs. Rose, 36 Cambria SM

Banyan, John, 7 Cambria Missing

Banyan, Albert, 4 Cambria Missing

Banyan, Theodore, 2 Cambria Missing

Barbour, Mrs. Sarah, 59 Woodvale Missing

Barbour, Mrs. Mary, 25 Woodvale GC-PL

Barbour, Howard, 7 Woodvale Missing

Barbour, Florence, 4 Woodvale GC-PL

Barbour, John, F., 3 mo. Woodvale Missing

Barbour, Harry, L., 16 Locust Street GC-PP

Bare, Mrs. (unknown) Missing

Bare, infant (unknown) Missing

Barker, Edward, 27 Woodvale Missing

Barker, Clara, 2 1/2 Woodvale Missing

Barker, 1 mo Woodvale Missing

Barker, Mrs. Susan, 28 Woodvale GC-PP

Barkley, George (unknown) Missing

Barley, Mrs. Barbara, 56 Woodvale GC-PL

Barley, Nancy, 29 Woodvale GC-PL

Barley, Viola, 9 Woodvale GC-PL

Barley, Myrtle, 11 Woodvale NCR

Barley, Mamie, 7 Woodvale NCR

Barley, Effie, 5 Woodvale NCR

Barley, Laura, 6mo Woodvale NCR

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Barnes, Andrew Conemaugh Missing

Barrett, Jas., 27 St. Charles Hotel NCR

Barron, Anton (unknown) Missing

Barron, Mrs. (unknown) Missing

Bartosh, Mrs. Hannah, 39 Cambria Missing

Bartosh, Frank, 14 Cambria Missing

Baumer, Mrs. Eliza, 68 Woodvale Missing

Beam, Dr. Lemon, T.,55 Market Street GC-PL

Beam, Charles, C., 4 Market Street GC-PL

Beam, Dr. W.C., 35 Locust Street GC-PL

Beam, Mrs. Clara, 32 Locust Street GC-PL

Beam, Roscoe, 2 Locust Street Missing

Beck, Alfred, 6 (unknown) Missing

Beck, Roy, 3 (unknown) Missing

Beck, William, J., 30 Woodvale Headricks, PA

Beck, Mrs. Blanche, 29 Woodvale Headricks, PA

Beckley, E.E., 23 Main Street GC-PL

Beckley, Mrs. Mary, 48 Woodvale Missing

Beecher, Mrs. Jane, 44 Woodvale Missing

Beecher, Mary, 23 Woodvale Missing

Behnke, Charles (unknown) GC-PP

Beiter, Mathias, 3 Clinton Street Wilmore, PA

Bending, Mrs. Elizabeth, 48 Locust Street GC-PL

Bending, Jesse, 24 Locust Street GC-PL

Bending, Katie, 15 Locust Street GC-PL

Beneigh, John, C., 65 Cambria GC-PL

Benford, Mrs. E.E., 63 Hulbert House GC-PL

Benford, Maria, 34 Hulbert House GC-PL

Benford, May, 26 Hulbert House GC-PL

Benford, Louis, 30 Hulbert House GC-PL

Benshoff, J.Q.A., 62 Somerset Street GC-PL

Benshoff, Arthur, 27 Somerset Street GC-PL

Benson, Mrs. Bessie, 23 Cambria Missing

Benson, Flora, 3 Cambria Missing

Benson, Cora Belle, 1 1/2 Cambria Missing

Berg, Mrs. Marion, 24 Woodvale NCR

Berkebile, Mahlon Morrellville NCR

Berkey, Henry, S., 45 Clinton Street Missing

Beske, John, 7 Cambria Missing

Beske, Joseph, 5 Cambria Missing

Beske, Frank, 3 Cambria Missing

Beske, Lewis, 1 Cambria Missing

Betzler, Mrs. Agnes, 38 Cambria SM

Betzler, Frank, 9 Cambria Missing

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Betzler, Katie, 7 Cambria Missing

Bishop, Charles, 45 Woodvale SC

Bishop, Julius, 55 Cambria Missing

Bitner, A.B. (unknown) Missing

Blair, Alfred, 53 Woodvale Missing

Blair, Emanuel, 12 Woodvale Missing

Blair, Rosana, 10 Woodvale Missing

Blair, Mrs., 50 Woodvale LYC

Bloch, Louisa, 17 Conemaugh GC-PP

Bloch, Mrs. Rose, 54 Conemaugh Missing

Bloch, Annie, 26 Conemaugh Missing

Bloch, Emma, 13 Conemaugh Missing

Block, Minnie, 15 Conemaugh Missing

Blough, Mrs. (unknown) Missing

Blough, Samuel, 40 Market Street Stoneycreek Township, PA

Blough, Sophia, 38 Main Street Stoneycreek Township, PA

Blough, child Main Street Stoneycreek Township, PA

Blough, Emanuel, 22 Bedford Street NCR

Blough, infant School Alley NCR

Boehler, Barbara, 7 Conemaugh Missing

Boehler, Annie, 9 Conemaugh Missing

Bogus, William (unknown) Missing

Bohnke, Charles (unknown) GC-PP

Bonner, Mrs. Ann, 24 (unknown) Butler, PA

Bonson, Charles, R. (unknown) Missing

Booser, Eddie, 14 Market Street Missing

Bopp, Jacob, 32 Broad Street LYC

Bopp, son of Jacob Broad Street GC-PP

Bopp, Katie, 9 Broad Street GC-PP

Bopp, Naomi, 7 Broad Street Missing

Bowers, George Woodvale Missing

Bowersox, Mrs. Elia, 16 Market Street Missing

Bowersox, Cordelia, 3 Market Street Missing

Bowersox, Frank, 22 Market Street NCR

Bowman, Nellie, 9 Haynes Street GC-PL

Bowman, Charles, H., 7 Haynes Street GC-PL

Bowman, Frank, P., 33 Woodvale GC-PL

Bowman, Emma, 28 Woodvale GC-PL

Bowman, Jessie, 4 Woodvale Missing

Bowman, Blanche, 2 Woodvale Missing

Boyer, Emma, 17 Woodvale Missing

Boyer, Solomon, 62 East Conemaugh NCR

Boyle, Charles, Sr., 45 Cambria SM

Boyle, Mary, 12 Cambria SM

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Boyle, Charles, 8 Cambria SM

Boyle, Thomas, 7 Cambria SM

Boyle, Rose, 6 Cambria Missing

Boyle, Bridget, 4 Cambria Missing

Boyle, William, 2 Cambria Missing

Boyle, Joseph, 8 mo. Cambria Missing

Bracken, Katie, 21 Woodvale LYC

Bracken, Minnie, 19 Woodvale LYC

Braden, Patrick Millville Missing

Bradley, Mrs. Elvira, 39 Conemaugh Missing

Bradley, Thomas, 42 Conemaugh NCR

Brady, John, 53 Franklin Street SM

Brady, Mrs. Julia, 50 Franklin Street SM

Brawley, George, D., 17 Union & Vine GC-PP

Brawley, Mrs. Maggie, 42 Union Street Missing

Brawley, Robert, J., 4 Union Street Missing

Brawley, John (unknown) Missing

Brennan, Mrs. Martha, 36 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, Mary, 16 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, William, 12 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, Lewis, 10 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, Arthur, 7 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, Frank, 3 Woodvale GC-PP

Brennan, Mrs. Mary Ann, 46 Woodvale Missing

Brennan, Mary Ann, 23 Woodvale Missing

Brennan, Ellen, 19 Woodvale Missing

Brennan, Jane, 16 Woodvale Missing

Brennan, Agnes, 13 Woodvale Missing

Bricker, Henry (unknown) GC-PP

Bridges, Chas., 2 Cambria LYC

Bridges, Emma, 18 Cambria LYC

Bridges, Mrs. Jane, 64 Market Street Missing

Brindle, Mary (unknown) GCS

Brindle, Mollie, 25 Conemaugh SC

Brindle, Vincent (unknown) Missing

Brindle, Frank (unknown) Missing

Brindle, Rose (unknown) Missing

Briney, Matilda, 25 Woodvale Missing

Brinker, Henry (unknown) Missing

Brinkey, Dr. J.C., 28 Franklin Street GC-PL

Brinkey, Elmer, 26 Hulbert House GC-PL

Brockner, Samuel, 28 Conemaugh Missing

Brotz, Pancrotz, 55 Cambria SM

Brotz, Mrs. Lena, 50 Cambria SM

Last Name, First,Age(if known) Address Buried
Brown, Mrs. Conemaugh Missing

Brown, Emma, 20 (unknown) Blairsville, PA

Brown, Peter, 65 Woodvale LYC

Brown, Thomas, 24 Woodvale LYC

Brown, Sadie, 22 Woodvale GC-PP

Brown, Emma, 20 Woodvale LYC

Brown, Gertrude, 17 Woodvale LYC

Brown, Lizzie, 15 Woodvale Missing

Brown, Mrs. Magdalena, 58 Cambria Missing

Bruhn, Claus, 58 Conemaugh GC-PP

Bruhn, Mrs. Anna, 45 Portage Street NCR

Bryan, Wm. A., 45 Mansion House GC-PP

Buchanan, John, S., 69 Locust Street GC-PL

Buchanan, Mrs. Kate, J., 63 Locust Street GC-PL

Buchanan, Robert, L., 20 Locust Street GC-PL

Buckhard, Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 Woodvale Missing

Buckhard, Charles, 19 Woodvale Missing

Buckhard, Mrs., 63 Woodvale Missing

Buckley, Mrs. Mary, 48 Woodvale Missing

Bunting, Mrs. Caroline, 45 Woodvale NCR

Burk, Mrs. Matilda, 38 East Conemaugh NCR

Burket, Frank, 14 Washington Street Missing

Burket, Blair, 8 (unknown) Missing

Burkhard, Mrs. Catherine, 85 Mineral Point Missing

Burkhard, Mrs. Mollie, 36 Woodvale NCR

Burkhard, Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 Woodvale Missing

Burkhard, Charles, 19 Woodvale Missing

Burkhard, Howard, 12 Woodvale Missing

Burkhard, Gussie, J., 5 Woodvale Missing

Burkhard, Charles, C., 2 Woodvale Missing

Burns, John (unknown) GC-PP

Burns, Peter Woodvale Missing

Butler, Chas. T., Hulbert House Philadelphia, PA

Butler, John, 51 John Street Missing

Butler, Robert, 40 Millville Missing

Butler, Mrs. 70 Millville Missing

Butler, Annie, 17 Millville Missing

Butler, Fannie, 14 Millville Missing

Butler, George, 11 Millville Missing

Butler, Mrs. Sarah (unknown) Missing

Byers, Mrs. Catherine, 46 Mineral Point Missing

Byrne, John, 32 Hulbert House LYC

Byrne, Ella, 24 Hulbert House LYC

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