The Johnstown Flood of 1889: A history of the history: This PDF bibliography describes various books and published accounts of the 1889 Flood.

Mourning Customs in the Victorian Era: This article details the mourning customs that people would have followed in the era of the Johnstown Flood. Try to imagine mourning in the wake of the flood and how that disaster impacted these practices.

A History of Johnstown and the Great Flood of 1889: A Study of Disaster and Rehabilitation: A link to one of the greatest secondary sources of the 1889 Johnstown Flood ever written. Any research on the Johnstown Flood is not complete without consulting this source.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Took Statements of its Employees

Of employees of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and others in reference to the disaster to the passenger trains at Johnstown, taken by John H. Hampton, at his office in Pittsburgh, by request of Superintendent
Robert Pitcarin; beginning July 15th, 1889.

The object of this investigation is to determine whether the Company is liable in law for the loss of the lives, or property of passengers, and put into proper form a defence to any actions that may be brought against the Company for damages.

A: B: C:
Engineer William Adams Conductor S. E. Bell S.A. Cherry-Conemaugh Tower
Flagman S.H. Allshouse Engineer H.M. Bennett Pittsburgh Chief Train Dispatcher Chas. W. Culp
Brakeman D.T. Brady
Freight Conductor Fred Brantlinger
Engineer A.H. Butler

D: E: G:
Johnstown Freight Agent F.S. Deckert Conductor Levi P. Easton Brakeman Frank Galbraith
Engineer P. Doran South Fork Telegraph Operator Emma Ehrenfeld Engineer J.S. Gettemy
South Fork Agent C.P. Dougherty Track Laborer Fred Ehrenfeld Fireman Geo. Gray
Baggage Master J.W. Grove

H: K: L:
Conemaugh Telegraph Operator Charles V. Haak Conductor S.W. Keltz Conductor R.C. Liggett
Flagman D.H. Hare Fireman Harry Kinney Division Foreman A.H. Lytle
Division Supervisor W.M. Hays
Engineer N.B. Henry
Conemaugh Telegraph Operator R. M. Hersh
Engineer J.C. Hess
Lineman E.C. Hollister
Engineman John Hoy

M: N: P:
Fireman James McCallin Emma North Tower Worker P.N. Pickerell
Brakeman C.H. McGuigan Train Master Pitcairn
Fireman Isaac Miller Fireman J.B. Plummer
Brakeman J.G. Miller
Brakeman Samuel S. Miller
Division Supervisor A.G. Mitchell
Engineer T.J. Monahan
Conemaugh Telegraph Operator D.M. Montgomery
Johnstown Assistant Ticket Agent Charles J. Moore
Engineer J.E. Meyers

R: S: T:
Flagger W. Reichard Tower Operator R.F. Shade Assistant Superintendent Pittsburgh Division M. Trump
Division Foreman L.L. Rusher Division Operator C.M. Sheaffer
Assistant Train Master W.C. Snyder
Section Foreman Wesley Spires
Conemaugh Agent E.R. Stewart
Mineral Point Divison Foreman Scott Stoner
Conductor Jerry Stormer
Track Foreman John F. Stormer
Division Foreman Charles Studt

V: W:
Conductor George E. Vance Conductor C.A. Warthen
Johnstown Ticket Agent T.H. Watt
East Conemaugh Yard Master J.C. Walkinshaw
Assistant Engineer Victor Wierman


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