Moses Bedell Suydam (1832-1895)

Moses Bedell Suydam

"Notable Men of Pittsburgh and Vicinity," Percy F. Smith, 1901

Moses Bedell Suydam owned a cottage on lot number 10 at the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club. That building no longer stands. Today a small church sits on the site of what were lot numbers 10 and 11.

The following is an obituary for Moses Bedell Suydam that appeard in: Paint, Oil, and Drug Review, Volume 19, 1895, Chicago, IL:

"Moses B. Suydam, a well-known white lead manufacturer of Alleghany, [sic] Pa., suddenly died in his office on the 14th inst. The cause of death is not known. He had never complained of heart trouble, but members of the family think it possible that the fumes from the lead about the works might have affected his heart.

Mr. Suydam was born in Bedford, Long Island, June 14, 1832. His mother, Mrs. Mary Suydam, in her 95th year, still lives at Bay Ridge, L.I. Mr. Suydam's first clerkship was with Cyrus W. Field. He came to Pittsburgh in 1852 and engaged in the white lead business with J.M. Schoonmaker. Later he set up for himself and his business grew to large proportions. He married Emma Copeland, Daughter of Wm. B. Copeland. He is survived by his wife and four children: Mrs. Alex P. Lyon, Emily Suydam, Richard Suydam, and M.B. Suydam, Jr. The younger son is at school in the East. Mr. Suydam was a director of the Second National Bank of Pittsburgh.

At the time of his death, Mr. Suydam was president of the local paint club, and one of the Committee on Membership of the National Association. The deceased was greatly respected by his friends and business associates, his genial temperament making it."

The following is a brief description of M.B. Suydam & Co. that appeared in Allegheny County, PA, Illustrated, Compiled by the Consolidated Illustrating Company, Pittsburgh, PA:

"M.B. Suydam & Co.; Metallic paints, etc.; Corner Sandusky and Isabella Streets, Allegheny. –A popular and prominent house in Pittsburg [sic] engaged in the manufacture of metallic paints, etc., is that of Messrs. M.B. Suydam & Co., whose works are located at the corner of Sandusky and Isabella Streets. This time-honored house dates its existence back upwards of sixty years, it having been founded by the great uncle of the present proprietor Mr. James Schoonmaker in 1832. The subsequent changes in proprietorship were as follows: M.B. Suydam & Co., 1855; Suydam, Lawrence & Co., 1877; M.B. Suydam & Co., 1881, the senior partner dying January 1895, and since that time the firm style of M.B. Suydam & Co., has been retained. The actual proprietorship to-day [sic] being vested in the hands of Messrs. Richard S. and M.B. Suydam, the practical charge of the business being vested in the former. Business operations were primarily commenced on Rebecca and Craig Streets, removal being made to the present quarters in 1885. They cover an area of 60x50 feet, occupying two floors, the machinery equipment embracing all the latest improved devices and appliances. The range of production embraces metallic paints for bridges, mills, roofs, cars, barns, fences, etc., graphite paint, 'red lead paint mixed and ready for use,' and especially adapted for bridges and all kinds of exposed iron work. This firm has satisfactorily filled contracts for the supply of paint for the Penn Bridge Company of Beaver Falls, Pa., the Youngstown Bridge Company, the Carnegie Steel Company, Jones & Laughlin American Iron Works, the Schultz Bridge and Iron Company, Pittsburg [sic] Bridge Company and many others. In a word for all exposed surfaces where a durable and economical paint is needed, nothing excels the output of this firm, who conduct business on the blunt axiom that if the exterior of your residence or its roofing is worth painting it is worth painting well."

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