John Arunah Harper (1839-1920)

It is inconclusive, at this time, if both John Harper and John A. Harper were either both members of the Club or if one was and the other was not; however in the interest of complete research we are including both names for this list, until a more conclusive determination can be made.

The following is from: Historic Structure Report Appendices: Clubhouse, Brown Cottage, Moorhead Cottage, and Clubhouse Annex, for the National Park Service, p. 390:

"John A. Harper was born on Penn St. in Pittsburgh, June 29, 1839. He was the son of John and Lydia Electa (Melcalf) Harper and nephew of Lecky Harper, Senator of Ohio. John A. was educated in the Grigg and McDonald Academy of Pittsburgh, the Western University of Pennsylvania (now Univ. of Pittsburgh), and Kenyon College from which he graduated in the class of 1860. In the same year, he became employed by the Bank of Pittsburgh National Association where he served in various positions for 38 years. His influence in the Pittsburgh financial circles was counterpart to that of his father; John A. Harper, president of the Bank of Pittsburgh, guided the bank to financial success while John A. Harper, his son, induced trust and strengthened public confidence in the banking system.

John A. Harper had numerous other business affiliations including being a director of the Eagle Cotton Mills as well as the Sixth Street Bridge Corporation. Although his philanthropies were many, especially prominent in the West Penn Hospital, of which he served as President from 1891 until his resignation in 1898. Harper was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society, of which he was a trustee, Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, and the Duquesne Club. HIs religion was Episcopalian.

John A. Harper married Flora Warner Sherburne in Pittsburgh, May 30, 1882. They were parents of three children; Alberta born December 17, 1833, Florence born August 2, 1885, and Lydia Electa born January 1, 1887. John Arunah Harper died December 28, 1920."

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