Howard Hartley (1846-1890)

Howard Hartley was born in 1846 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah E. "Sallie" Wardenburg. Family historians say she was born circa 1846-althought the 1880 census gives her age as 30, which would be a birth year of 1850. They were married on the 28th of April 1870. Sarah was the daughter of William and Annie M. Wardenburg of Baltimore, MD and formerly of Germany (Prussia). In 1880, Howard and Sarah Hartley's household in the City of Allegheny (the North Side of Pittsburgh) included the two of them, as well as sons Howard Hartley, Jr., Robert H. Hartley, age 8, and Sarah's brother, Charles A. Wardenburg, age 22, who was working as a clerk in Hartley Brothers' establishment.

Howard Hartley was associated with Hartley Brothers, manufacturers of leather belting and hose, rubber belts, and machinery packing. His brother Thomas shared in the business with him (Thomas' widow, the former Miss Anshutz, married as her second husband the oil millionaire J.J. Vandergrift. Along with fellow South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club member D.W.C. Bidwell, Hartley was a director of the Marine National Bank of Pittsburgh, founded 1870, at 301 Smithfield Street.

Howard Hartley was a charter member of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club.

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