Dr. David Nevin Rankin (1834-1901)

Dr. David N. Rankin and wife
Dr. David N. Rankin and wife Katherine

Mary Briggeman.

The following is from: Historic Structures Report: Appendices: Clubhouse, Brown Cottage, Moorhead Cottage, and Clubhouse Annex, for the National Park Service:

Dr. David Nevin Rankin, born in Shippensburg, PA, October 27, 1834, was the second son of Dr. William and Caroline (Nevin) Rankin. Their other children were as follows: Joseph P., Mrs George B. Johnston, Mrs. Mary A. Moody, Mrs. J.A. McCune, Mrs. John P. Miller, and Mrs. Robert A. Hays.

Dr. Rankin received his early education at Newville. At the age of seventeen, he took interest in the field of medicine after studying with his father. David N. took a degree in medicine from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia from which he graduated in 1854. After school, Rankin went into practice with his father until the outbreak of the Civil War. During this time he contracted a cold which caused several attacks of hemorrhaging of the lungs. Due to his impaired physical condition caused by this illness, Rankin could not enter the regular army as Assistant Surgeon, but he received a commission as an acting assistant surgeon in the United States Army. While in this post, he helped to open many Army hospitals. He was stationed first at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg, then in charge of Douglas and Epiphany Church Hospital in Washington, DC, and at the end of the war, he was put in charge of the West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh. In 1864, Rankin was appointed as attending surgeon at the Western penitentiary where he remained for thirty six years.

Rankin was a member of many organizations including: the State and Allegheny County Medical Societies for his entire professional practice; Laryngological Association; the Masonic fraternity for over sixty years; the Junior Order United American Mechanics; Abe Patterson Post no. 88, GAR; the United Workmen; the American Prison Association; and the North Presbyterian Church. Also, in 1890, he was a delegate to the International Medical Convention, in Berlin.

After the Civil War, David Nevin Rankin married Katherine Irwin, daughter of Henry Irwin, esq. of Allegheny City. They also resided in Allegheny where they together had three children: Henry Irwin, Elizabeth, and Edith Nevin.

David Nevin Rankin died on January 1, 1901, due to lung trouble.

Dr. Rankin owned a cottage at the South Fork Fishing & Hunting Club.

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