Christopher Curtis Hussey (1840-1884)

Christopher Curtis "C.C." Hussey was born on October 23, 1840, in Allegheny, Allegheny County, PA. Curtis was the son of Dr. C.G. Hussey.

He was associated with Hussey, Howe, and Company Steel Manufacturers.

The following is from
"'Curtis,' as he was familiarly called, was too young to enter the arena in the beginning, but he did so after one or two years. As events proved, he had inherited great business ability, being a worthy son of a worthy sire, and gradually rose to the chief management of the entire business. This he retained with distinguished success for many years, but its responsibilities and requirements ultimately proved too great a tax upon the life powers of one- who did not spare himself, and on the first day of March, 1884, he gave up the great struggle and peacefully passed away. Thus, in a manhood still young, and with the promise of a long and useful career before him, he was removed from a stricken father and mother, an only and loving sister, and a bereaved wife and family. The following communication from Mr. Adair to Dr. Hussey was read at the funeral, and is a touching tribute that will show better than anything we can say, the regard in which Curtis was held by those who knew him best.

PITTSBURGH, March 2, 1884

DEAR SIR:-There are times when grief is so sacred, and the stricken household such holy ground, that even the voice of Sympathy should he hushed, its footfalls unheard, and its tears unseen, and when all it would say or do should be entrusted to the silent messenger who asks no audience, wearies no time, nor taxes the heavy laden for an answering word. Through him I send all my sympathy. Words of comfort, philosophy and religion are vain, for the hours of suffering have come. Nevertheless, God and his great high priest, Time, ever live and reign, and as the days softly step upon the troubled mind, they say, "peace, be still," and lo, in a little while a great calm shall come.

I shall miss Curtis a great deal, for we have worked together for over a score of years, beginning with our young manhood. If 'labor is worship,' in all religion he set us an example Industry and duty praise him, while gentleness, kindness and charity, which is forgiveness, claim him as their boy. And if I miss him, how can I estimate your loss without the infinite factor of a father's love for an only son, with which to make the multiplication God knows the answer, but he will soon begin to rub away the long line of figures with his own kind hand.

Yours with great respect and regard,


In a New York Times, newspaper article dated September 12, 1910, detailing the marriage of his daughter Clara, Hussey was mentioned as a shovel manufacturer in Pittsburgh.

He died on March 1, 1884, in Enterprise, Volusia County, FL.

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