Casper Augustus "C.A." Carpenter (1836-1892)

Casper Augustus "C.A." Carpenter, was born on September 4, 1836, in Pennsylvania, one of nine children. His siblings included: Caroline Albert, Edward, Mary, Harriet, Hannah, and Wilson. He was named Casper Augustus after an earlier brother, of the same name, who died before he was born.

He was married to Mary A. Clement who was previously married to a, "Mr. Shaw," from Sharpsburg, PA. The Carpenters moved to Sewickley, PA, in 1876.

In his professional life, he rose to the rank of purchasing agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He is also listed as a "founding member" of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, which was founded on July 8, 1876. Also serving on that illustrious board, were Club members S.S. Marvin, T. Howe, and M.K. Moorhead. Any mention of Mr. Carpenter in the media usually has some relation to the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.

He was the father of:
1.) Edwin Stanton Carpenter (February 16, 1862)
2.) Bessie Lincoln Carpenter (October 19, 1869)
3.) Helen Grant Carpenter (1871)
4.) Alice I.W. Carpenter (1873)

C.A. Carpenter was a charter member of the Club, and bought two shares of stock at $200.

In his November 26, 1880, engineering report of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, John Fulton said that he was met by a "delegation" of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, C.A. Carpenter included. Fulton identified Carpenter as the "Secretary of the Board of Directors," though no other source lists him in this capacity.

C.A. Carpenter died on May 6, 1892, nearly three years after the Johnstown Flood.

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