Statement of S.H. Allshouse

Q. Were you in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company in May last?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. At the time of the flood?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. In what capacity?
A. I was flagman of the train that Mr. Keltz run.

Q. What was the number of the engine?
A. 1165

Q. How long had you been on the road?
A. Pretty near four years.

Q. Well, now , from what point did your train start on Friday?
A. We left Conemaugh Friday morning.

Q. What time?
A. About 7 o'clock, as near as I can tell.

Q. Where did you go to?
A. To South Fork.

Q. And where was your train put?
A. We backed the train in back of the tower, and left it there for orders.

Q. Was it moved any time afterwards?
A. No, sir, it wasn't moved at all after that.

Q. Did you go to the tower for orders?
A. The conductor and engineer were in the tower for orders.

Q. Were you down about the tower?
A. No, sir, I was on the engine.

Q. How far was your train from the river where it was put?
A. Well, I can hardly tell. It wasn't very far; not more than 100 feet.

Q. When yourtrain [sic] got to South Fork, was the water over its banks or not?
A. No, sir, it wasn't outside of the banks then.

Q. Did it get outside of the banks at any time up until the water came from the dam?
A. No, sir, not at South Fork.

Q. Did you (h)ear [sic] anything said in relation to the safety of the dam, or danger of it going out?
A. W ell, [sic] I heard in the morning that it was about two feet runningover, [sic] after we had laid there probably an hour.

Q. Now, where were you when the flood came from the dam?
A. I was laying on the engine, on the engineer's box sleeping.

Q. Did the water waken you up?
A. No, sir, the engineer hollowed to me and the fireman; he hollowed at us to get up and run;--again [sic] that time, they had the engine cut off and started over the bridge, and there was a tree hit it, and they all left the engine then but me; (I) stuck to it, and shut it off and got it stopped.

Q. Did you go over on the engine?
A. Yes, sir. I got off the engine after I stopped her, and then started to run.

Q. How far did you go?
A. I ran up on the bank in South Fork town.

Q. Did the water catch you?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. How deep about?
A. About a foot deep.

Q. Was there anybody lost off of your train?
A. There were two brakemen lost.

Q. How did that occur?
A. I don't know. I seen Henderson at dinner time; that was the last I seen of him. I don't know whether they w ere [sic] in the cabin car or not; I wasn't at the cab after dinner.

Q. Was your train swept away?
A. Yes, sir, all taken but the engine.

Q. What sort of a load had you? What was in the cars?
A. Some were loaded with coke; I don't know what was in the box cars.

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