The Boyhood Farm

The Carter home and store along Old Plains Highway
The Carter Home and store along Old Plains Highway, 2019

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The Boyhood Farm was owned by Earl Carter, Jimmy’s father, from 1928 until 1949. Earl Carter grew corn, cotton, peanuts, and sugar cane on the farm in addition to the large family garden. Jimmy Carter lived on this farm from the age of four until he departed for college.

One of Jimmy's first vivid memories came when his father took them out to show them their new home.

"The front door was locked when we got there, and daddy realized that he had forgotten the key. He tried to raise one of the windows that opened onto the front porch, but a wooden bar on the inside let it come up only about six inches. So he slid me through the crack and I came around to unlock the door from the inside. The approval of my father for my first useful act has always been one of my most vivid memories." - Jimmy Carter, An Hour Before Daylight

When the Boyhood Farm became part of the park in 2000, the farm was restored to its appearance before electricity was installed in 1938. As you stroll along the walking path, stop and read the wayside exhibits at various points along the way. Push the buttons on the audio stations to listen to Jimmy Carter share stories about his childhood.

Today we have honeybees, goats, chickens, mules and farm cats that are active on the Boyhood Farm. Crops are still grown periodically throughout the year which include sugarcane, cotton, corn, tomatoes and of course peanuts!


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