Scouting Programs at Barataria Preserve

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Bring Your Scout Group to the Barataria Preserve

Barataria Preserve offers scout programs for multiple age groups and once completed, the children earn a badge from their organization. Group hikes are self-guided, although staff may be available for a short orientation in the Visitor Center before they head out on a park trail.

Badge programs include pre-and post-visit activities and a corresponding ranger-led program. All of which are required to earn the badge. The park supplies all equipment for activities that are done on the preserve. Then the troop or scout is responsible for all other materials, as well as the badge. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Troops visiting the preserve may not wander off trails, collect flowers or other items, or otherwise disturb the natural environment.

For more information, please contact a Ranger at (504) 689-3690, ext. 10. or email us

Programs & Badges

Program Synopsis Girl Scout Badges Cub Scout Badges
Bugs of Barataria Insects and arachnids have an important job to do. Discover many kinds of insects and spiders and the work they do to keep the preserve's ecosystem healthy. The program includes art projects and discovery activities. Brownie Scout Bugs Badge My Tiger Jungle
Explore Barataria The Barataria Preserve offers nine different trails and over eight miles of hiking. Discuss trail safety and basic hiking tips, then explore some preserve trails and learn how to identify the best places to see some of the preserve's most popular critters: alligators, snakes, owls, and more. Brownie Scout Hiker Badge Tigers in the Wild
Plants of Barataria Learn about the structure of flowers and the different ways plants use flowers to lure pollinators. Use all five senses to explore flowers native to southern Louisiana. Unlock some of the secrets of this beautiful species through exploration, hands-on science activities, and art. Junior Scout Flowers Badge Wolf Scout Grow Something
Trees of Barataria Learn to identify seven species of trees found in the Barataria Preserve and common to southeast Louisiana. Research ways that trees provide people with food and inspire works of art. Through hands-on exploration, creation, and discussion discover ways that trees shape people's lives and find out how to protect these precious resources. Cadette Trees Badge Webelos Into the Woods

Last updated: April 27, 2023

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