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Louisiana is like a gumbo.

Many different cultures contribute to the southern Louisiana cooking scene. With a rich history and the wide variety of habitats like swamps, prairies, and forests, it’s no wonder Louisiana is known for its unique food.

Follow along on the Jean Lafitte Facebook page for our series What’s Cooking Wednesday, which gives some great and easy recipes for you to try out. Along the way, you’ll learn a little about the influences and history of Louisiana cooking.

Click on a category below for some of our past ranger recipes!

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Louisiana loves to add meat to dishes. Meet some new meat recipes here!

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Louisiana has access to so many aquatic habitats. Find some great recipes and history here!

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Every hero needs a side kick, and every entree dish needs a side. Get some ideas here!

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with these sweet recipes!

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Looking for something a little special? A little extra? Check out our lagniappe recipes!

Last updated: January 22, 2022

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