Park Planning

Ropes going out the hatch at the top
Ropes and safety straps leading out of the hatch at the top of the Arch. This was part of the Industrial Rope Project that was looking into the stains on the Gateway Arch.

Sue Ford/NPS


General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement 2009 (GMP/EIS)

This document currently guides long-term planning for the management and use of park lands. Documents related to the creation of this plan are available at the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Policy website.

CityArchRiver 2015

The GMP/EIS provided the framework for the design competition "Framing A Modern Masterpiece," which ended in 2010. Click here for information about park planning as it relates to the competition.

Following are other reports and statements that inform decision-making at the park.

Old Courthouse
Historic Structure Report: Special Issues 2013
Paint & Finish Analysis for the East Courtroom
Historic Furnishings Report 2006
Historic Structure Report 1982

Gateway Arch

Final Report, Corrosion Investigation 2015
Historic Structure Report 2010

Gateway Arch Grounds

Finding of No Significant Impact: EAB EA 2012
Emerald Ash Borer Strategy Environmental Assessment 2010
Cultural Landscape Report 2010
Cultural Landscape Report 1996

Other Cultural Resources

Scope of Collections Statement

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18 seconds

Video shot during the course of the corrosion investigation showing the 360 degree view from the top of the Gateway Arch

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