Current Conditions at Isle Royale

A family of two adults and two children wearing large backpacks hikes through a forest meadow.
Check current conditions to know what to expect for your trip to Isle Royale.

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Quick Facts


The Mount Franklin Fire is now 100% contained. All effected trails, campgrounds, and docks are open. Effected cross country camping zones remain closed. Hazards may still exist. If hiking through the burn area, stay on the trail for your safety. Rock cairns are in place on the Mount Franklin Trail to guide hikers through the burn area. Review the Mt Franklin Fire main page and the Mt Franklin Fire FAQ for more information.

Campground Closures

  • Cross-Country Camping Zones: 11A, 12A


  • Your safety is your responsibility. Have a conservative trip plan, plan your gear with conditions in mind, be first aid ready, and have plans on what you might do in case something goes wrong. Self-rescue is the best rescue as park response is limited and help could be hours or days away. Services are limited during the fall season. Come prepared with everything you may need.


  • Masks are recommended, not required in federal park facilities. 
  • Check out the most up-to-date Covid-19 details.

Alerts & Closures


  • Potable Water:
    • Windigo: Available at the flagpole and the campground through 10/2.
    • Rock Harbor: Available behind the Trading Post through 9/29. Not available at Rock Harbor Campground.
  • Restrooms:
    • Windigo: Open through 10/2.
    • Rock Harbor: Closed. Use the outhouse in Rock Harbor Campground. Bring toilet paper.
  • Visitor Centers Hours
  • Rock Harbor Lodge: 
    • All services shut down for the 2022 season.
  • Windigo Store
    • All services shut down for the 2022 season.

Transportation Services

Questions about transportation services and making reservations for 2022 may be directed toward respective providers.

Bug Report


  • Stay Night Limits: Rock Harbor, Three Mile, Lane Cove, and Washington Creek Campgrounds have a 1 night stay limit through 9/17. All other campgrounds are unlimited stays.


  • Trail Navigation: Expect slow hiking conditions due to downed trees. Beaver activity changes hydrology causing water-logged trails or blockages that must be navigated around. Bring hiking poles to assist with difficult sections and wear sturdy, well-broken-in footwear. Have a map and compass and know how to use them.


  • Fall Weather: Warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night. Bring layers and rain gear for a variety of conditions.
  • Water is Life: Stay Hydrated
  • Recreational Forecast: Get the latest recreational weather forecast for Isle Royale National Park.
  • Marine Forecast: Check out the Marine Forecast

Water Conditions

  • Caution - Algal Blooms: Visitors should use caution not just on any inland lake that appears to have algal-bloom like symptoms (pea-soup, green sludge, blue-green blobs). Visitors are encouraged to report any sightings to park rangers and avoid interacting with water with suspect conditions.
    • Lake Richie & Chickenbone Lake Water Warning: Do not drink, filter, or boil water from Lake Richie or Chickenbone Lake. Filter or boil water prior to traveling to the area. These lakes are experiencing a cyanobacteria algal bloom. It is harmful to ingest.


  • Cow Moose with Calves: Cow moose are extremely protective of their calves. If you see a cow moose (no antlers), look to see if there is a calf around. If a cow moose were to approach, protect yourself by putting a large tree or rock between you and the moose.
  • Moose Rut: Moose are in the rut, also known as moose mating season. Bull moose behavior during this time of year can be extremely unpredictable. Sometimes rutting bull moose exhibit aggressive behavior towards people. Give bulls extra space and protect yourself by putting a large object between you and the moose.
  • Wolves: If you see a wolf, do not approach. If the wolf comes closer, encourage it to leave by clapping and yelling. If you cannot safely leave, make yourself big and aggressively use hiking poles or branches. Wolf attacks are extremely rare and unlikely to happen, but if it does, fight by any means necessary.
  • Stinging Insects: Dry summers often result in an abundance of wasps. Bring an epinephrine kit if allergic to stings.


Check if dive buoys are currently on or off station.

Isle Royale National Park

Last updated: September 13, 2022