Wildland Fire

A burnt ridge side with a lone burnt tree.
2022 Mount Franklin Fire

The 2022 Mount Franklin Fire was Isle Royale's second wildfire in as many years.

Smoke rises from Isle Royale. The sky is orange.
2021 Horne Fire

The 2021 Horne Fire was the largest fire on Isle Royale since 1948.

A log burnt by wildfire lays on the charred ground next to new green growth.
Fire Ecology

We often regard fire as an agent of destruction, but to nature, it can be an agent of necessary change.

A firefighter in a yellow hard hat and blue fire pack watches the ground smoke.
Fire Management

Learn how fire is managed in a remote island wilderness.

Aerial view of smoke rising over a forest.
Fire History

Fire plays an important role in shaping Isle Royale's natural and human history over time.

Firefighters at work near a large, smoky fire. They are holding a long fire hose.
Fire of 1936

The Fire of 1936 had a more profound effect on the vegetation and animal life of Isle Royale than any other single historical event.

A hiker looks towards a tall fire lookout tower.
Fire Towers

Isle Royale is home to three historic fire towers.

A wildland firefighter holding a firehose walks near a ground fire.
Fire Glossary

Wildland fire has its own set of complex terminology used throughout all fire management activities.

A view from the water of gray smoke billowing into the sky.
Fire Gallery

Isle Royale wildfire related photos.

Last updated: September 13, 2023

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