Photo Gallery

A view from the water of gray smoke billowing into the sky.
Fire Gallery

Isle Royale wildfire related photos.

A large blue boat is shown at a dock with blue skies in the background.

Photos of RANGER III from park visitors.

A wolf in mid-stride emerges from a crate.
Wolf Relocation Photo Gallery

Photos of the ongoing wolf relocation project.

Several small purple flower heads are present on short, thin stalks.
Common Plants of Isle Royale

A brief look at some of the most commonly seen plants on the island.

Cabin across a bay perched on the Lake Superior Shoreline. Splash pools on the rocky shoreline.
Dassler Cabin from Scoville Point

View of the Dassler Cabin (among trees) and Guest House (on shoreline) from Scoville Point. Splash pools on the rocky shoreline.

Two bull moose in velvet touch antlers.
Moose of Isle Royale

A collection of moose photographs from the island.

a wolf trots through the snow
Wolves of Isle Royale

A collection of wolf photographs from the island.

a diver explores shipwrecks
Scuba Diving

An underwater gallery featuring some of Isle Royale's shipwrecks.

cyanobacteria emulating the appearance of bright green paint
Harmful Algal Blooms

Examples of the forms and colors that cyanobacteria blooms commonly take.

A small patch of blueberries growing low to the ground.

Discover the different types of berries that can be found on Isle Royale.


Last updated: March 12, 2024

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