Wolf Tracking Update (12-14-18)

Four Isle Royale maps show location points of wolves
GPS location data from the day after release until a few days ago. The green square is the beginning and the red square is the end.

One of the final steps before releasing wolves on the island this fall was to install GPS tracking collars. This step was held off as long as possible because once installed, they begin running on a limited supply of battery. On average, each collar will last two years then will automatically pop off the wolf and need to be retrieved by staff. We can learn a lot in these two years.

In addition to tracking movements, the team can also know if they come within 250 meters of each other. This is critical to figuring out how wolves are pairing up and if packs begin to form.

What have we learned so far? The resident wolves have marked their territory well! Although the new wolves have been exploring everywhere - as far as Duncan Bay and Amygdaloid Island - they seldom dare to enter the section of island south of the Greenstone Ridge from Blake Point to Lake Richie, the assumed general territory of the resident wolves. Not only are we tracking the new wolves, but we are also learning what the resident wolves claim to be theirs.

Last updated: February 7, 2019

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