• A beaver along a rocky shore on Isle Royale.

    Beaver create important aquatic habitat for other island creatures.

  • Red fox prances on an Isle Royale trail.
    Red Fox

    Isle Royale fox are curious canines that scavenge for their food.

  • Wolf on the prowl through a snowy forest

    Wolves have been the apex predator on Isle Royale since 1948.

  • Two Northern River Otters swim in Lake Superior.

    River otters are among the best swimmers in the weasel family.

  • An American Marten standing in the dirt.
    American Marten

    American marten is one of four members of the weasel family on Isle Royale.

  • American red squirrel sitting on a tree branch.
    American Red Squirrel

    The American red squirrel is the most commonly seen mammal on Isle Royale.



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Last updated: January 4, 2024

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