A red fox lays on the grass sleeping


The 18 mammal species present on the island must cross Lake Superior.

A small orange newt


Isle Royale's landscape provides great habitat for amphibians.

A black garter snake with a yellow stripe has a red tongue sticking out.


A limited number of reptiles with a surprising amount of diversity.

The body of a tan colored snail shows from its shell underwater


Mussels, slugs, and snails are all present at Isle Royale.

A snowshoe hare on the side of an Isle Royale trail.

Animal Species List

Find out what species currently call Isle Royale home.

Bull Moose walking down a trail.


Moose are the largest mammal on Isle Royale.

Wolf on the prowl through a snowy forest


Wolves have been the apex predator on Isle Royale since 1948.

Different habitat types provide for a great diversity of birds.


Different habitat types provide for a great diversity of birds.

A large green fish with silver worm-like markings underwater


Isle Royale's distinct topography continues underwater, providing habitat for rare fish.

A bumblebee pollinates a yellow flower.


Learn about the pesky insects of Isle Royale National Park


Last updated: March 28, 2022

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