Environmental Monitoring

Chronolog Environmental Monitoring Project:

Park visitors can help staff and scientists monitor ongoing restoration efforts with the park. Indiana Dunes National Park is partnering with Chronolog, an environmental monitoring project that is powered by citizen scientists. Chronolog is a web-based system, utilizing a crowdsourced photo time lapse of each ecosystem. There are five Chronolog stations located throughout the park:

Time lapses of each location will aid in the restoration of each of these ecosystems. Through each time lapse, stewards can track the changes within each habitat and measure its health. Contributing to the time lapse also allows park visitors to watch our restoration efforts in real-time and to witness environmental change happening over time.

How to Participate:

At each Chronolog photo station, visitors are encouraged to take a photo on the designated photo bracket. After taking your picture, email it to Chronolog, and your photo will be added to the time lapse of the ecosystem. Upon receiving the picture, Chronolog will automatically send an email response with the time lapse video of the site and an explanation as to why that site is being monitored.


Track the evolution of each Chronolog photo station at chronolog.io

Last updated: September 4, 2020

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