School Group Reservations for the Benjamin Franklin Museum

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Your school group must meet three criteria to qualify for an academic fee waiver:  eligibility, educational purpose, and relevance of park resources.

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Fee Waivers - Who's Eligible?

School groups and other bona fide academic institutions (K-12 and colleges/universities) are eligible for FREE admission to the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Home schools may be granted a fee waiver if they can provide proof that they are recognized by their state's requirement for home schools. Not-for-profit groups: service, civic, fraternal organizations, scouts, 4-H, and similar groups, even when attending with school-aged children, do not qualify as an academic institution. The fee waiver only covers the students plus one chaperone for every ten students. Any additional chaperones must pay the museum fee.

* Through August 2019, as part of the Every Kid in a Park program, fourth grade school groups can have three adults per student admitted to the museum for free, regardless of whether they have a “Every Kid in a Park” pass.


Letter of Request

Teachers must bring a signed letter on school letterhead requesting a fee waiver. The letter of request must address each of three criteria to qualify for an academic fee waiver: eligibility, educational purpose, and relevance of park resources. If the school group is separated while visiting the park, each group visiting the Benjamin Franklin Museum must bring a written copy of the fee waiver request letter.

  • Example of a fee waiver letter

    School Letterhead


    Dear Fee Program Manager,

    This letter is to request a fee waiver for our school's visit to the Benjamin Franklin Museum. This museum will help the students to explore Franklin's life and character. The purpose of our visit to the Benjamin Franklin Museum is to reinforce concepts that are included in the school's curriculum. We understand that the fee will only be waived for the students plus one adult for each ten students.

    Thank you,
    Name of teacher or principal


For school group reservations, please call 215-597-7122 (Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at least two weeks prior to your visit. Reservations are not required, but are recommended. There is a limit of 100 tickets reserved for each hour. A reservation is not a guarantee of free admission.

Last updated: August 9, 2019

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