Color photo of the Liberty Bell suspended by two steel supports.

The Liberty Bell

How did the State House bell get transformed into an international symbol of liberty? Read this surprising tale.

Color image of page one of the U.S. Constitution, showing brown ink on yellow paper.

The Constitutional Convention

It's a story of conflicts and compromises that resulted in an enduring framework of government.

Image showing a detail of the masthead from the Aurora newspaper.

People of the Aurora

The Aurora was not only a household word by the early 1790s, but also the single most influential newspaper of its day.

Screen shot of audio tour menu on iPad; map on right side of screen, and listing of tours on left.

Mobile App Audio Tours

Download the park's FREE mobile app, "NPS Independence," for five thematic audio tours. You can even take a walk "In Franklin's Footsteps."

Color image of portrait of Thomas Jefferson, showing a detail of Jefferson's face.

Religious Freedom in Colonial America

Curious about Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on religious freedom? Learn more about the Founding Fathers and religion.

Last updated: February 4, 2017

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