Research and References Services

Who may use the Library & Archives?
The Library and Archives are open to research use by the general public and National Park Service employees, contractors, and volunteers. Access by the general public to the Library and Archives is by appointment only.

The Library and Archives requires registration of all researchers, and each researcher must complete a Researcher Registration form for access to the collections. All researchers must also show a valid picture identification card (National Park Service badge, driver's license, government-issued identification card, or passport) at the time of their visit.

Do materials circulate?
Circulation privileges for most Library materials are available only to park staff. The general public and park volunteers may use Library materials in the Reading Room during normal business hours. The Library does not loan materials outside the Park. Archival collections are available on-site to researchers. Access to all materials is dependent upon their physical condition and level of processing as well as any collection restrictions that may be in place.

Can materials be copied?
Photocopying is available within reasonable limits and is done by the user. The Library and Archives reserves the right to limit photocopying of fragile materials. Scanners and portable photocopy machines are prohibited to avoid damage to materials and copyright infringement. Cameras, including digital cameras and cameras on cell phones, may only be used with the permission of the Archivist and Library Manager.

Users are advised to comply with U.S. copyright law concerning photocopying of library materials. The Library and Archives copyright policy is available online here:

The Library and Archives provides photographic reproduction services and high-resolution digital scanning. Additional information about these services can be found online at this site:

For specific questions about these services, please contact the Library Technician.

Is help available for researchers?
Research consultation and reference assistance are available to researchers, but Library and Archives' staff is unable to undertake lengthy investigations on behalf of the general public. Research requests and appointments should be submitted with enough lead time to allow for Library and Archives' staff to evaluate the request and insure that the requested materials are available for research. Approval of all requests is contingent on staff availability.

Last updated: September 23, 2016

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