Continuing Debate on Congress

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Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1789

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Continuing Debate on Congress

"…that each House shall keep a journal of its proceeding, & shall publish the same from time to time;…"

-Motion by Madison and Rutledge as noted in Madison's Notes on the Convention

The convention considered Article IV, Section7 requiring congress to keep a journal of its proceedings.

They then turned to Section 8: "Neither House, without the consent of the other, shall adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other place than that at which the two Houses are sitting. But this regulation shall not extend to the Senate, when it shall exercise the powers mentioned in the article 1."

King and Madison noted that this section authorized the two houses to adjourn to a new place. They thought too frequent moves had hurt the Confederation Congress, and that a law should be required to move it.G. Morris made a motion to that effect. Spaight feared this would forever fix New York as the capital. Gerry, Williamson and Carroll agreed. The delegates disagreed with King and Madison, but did agree to delete the last sentence.

Edmund Randolph then moved to reconsider Article IV, Section 5 requiring money bills to originate in the House. Williamson seconded, Charles Pinckney opposed, and after discussion the motion to reconsider was approved, 9 ay, MD no, SC divided. This would be taken up next Monday.

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