Finding Aid -- Cultural Resource Management Records

The Cultural Resource Management Records document the years 1936-2016.
Catalog Number: INDE 77171

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Series Descriptions
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Copyright and Restrictions

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Independence National Historical Park (INDE) was authorized by an act of Congress on June 28, 1948, and was formally established on July 4, 1956, “preserving for the benefit of the American people as a national historical park certain historical structures and properties of outstanding and national significance…associated with the American Revolution and the founding and growth of the United States.” Located in the Society Hill, Old City, and Germantown neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Independence National Historical Park encompasses not only such famous sites and artifacts as Independence Hall, Congress Hall, and the Liberty Bell, but over twenty other structures, gardens, squares, and cemeteries. These include the reconstructed Graff house (site where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence), Franklin Court (site of Benjamin Franklin’s house), Carpenters' Hall (meeting place of the First Continental Congress), and the Deshler-Morris House (where George Washington lived for brief periods in 1793 and 1794).

As stated in the NPS Cultural Resource Management Division’s Guideline (NPS-28), cultural resource management requires research, planning, and stewardship. The development and maintenance of INDE’s sites and objects has required extensive archeological and historical research and detailed planning. INDE’s cultural resource management records, which consist of park superintendent office files, document those processes, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the park. They also document research and archeology performed by park staff and contractors to illuminate park history, specific sites and museum collections, and the people associated with them. Thus the collection includes not only routine records, but special studies and reports on topics from authentic paint and carpets, and historic structures, to the portrait collection at the Second Bank of the United States.

Of particular note is the correspondence of INDE superintendent (1971-1991), Hobart G. Cawood, who presided over the preparations for, and celebrations of the 1976 American Revolution Bicentennial.

Scope and Content

Independence National Historical Park Cultural Resource Management Records
1936-2016 and undated (bulk dates: 1960-1998)

Catalog Number: INDE 77171

Volume: 16 LF

Series I, Development and Maintenance and Series II, History and Archeology of the Cultural Resource Management Collection contain a wide variety of documents including extensive correspondence, both internal and external. There are also reports and research materials including photographs, drawings, and plans; assessments and surveys; contracts, including land acquisition; work orders; and clippings. NPS staff and contractors created these records as part of their day-to-day maintenance and preservation of the park's grounds and buildings. Of particular note are correspondence and clippings reflecting public opinion of park development, especially regarding the move of the Liberty Bell (extensive) and re-construction of the Graff House.

The records in these series provide detailed information on planning and implementing maintenance, construction, and re-construction of buildings and grounds including utilities and HVAC (with attendant contracts); access, traffic abatement and parking; archeology; biographies of people associated with various sites; events such as the 1976 Bicentennial of the American Revolution, including the visit of the Queen of England for the dedication of the Bicentennial Bell; openings and dedications; museum exhibits, acquisitions and loans; and information on artifacts including a 1975 Winterthur “Analysis of the Liberty Bell analytical Laboratory Report #379.”

It should be noted that several subseries have folders marked “Area F” and “Area B.” These designations are from the March 4, 1988 National Register of Historic Places Nomination form for INDE, and refer to specific land parcels within the Park. Area F contains the Welcome Park, the parking garage, City Tavern, and Bond House and is part of the Old City Historic District. Area B contains restored eighteenth century townhouses and Locust Street, the Magnolia Garden, and the Rose Garden.

The collection is organized into two series: Series I, Development and Maintenance and Series II, History and Archeology. The collection is arranged by National Park Service File Codes as codified in NPS-19. It uses the code titles found in this document as subseries titles. Due to some inconsistencies in coding, similar documents of interest may be found in Subseries D18, D62 and H30.

Restrictions: No

Associated Materials:
Acquisition and Appraisal Records, 1939-1973 (bulk dates 1950-1961). Prepared by Kim Dixon and Amy Palmer; History Associates Incorporated, December 2005. Catalog Number: INDE 74044.

Construction Project Records, 1916, 1925-1989 (bulk dates 1955-1980). Prepared by Caris Brown and Rachel Ban; History Associates Incorporated, June 2006. Catalog Number: 74046.



Series I: Development and Maintenance, 1955-2016

Subseries A: Planning Program Records (D18), 1963-1999
Subseries B: Planning and Design Project Files (D20), 1962-1994
Subseries C: Construction Programs Files (D22), 1960-1996
Subseries D: Maintenance Program Records (D24), 1959-1991
Subseries E: Development and Maintenance Reports (D26), 1966-1989
Subseries F: Grounds and Shoreline (D32), 1957-1998
Subseries G: Building Files (D34), 1965-1989
Subseries H: Contract Files (D52), 1971-2016
Subseries I: Records of Museum Activities and Exhibits (D62), 1955-2000
Subseries J: Signs, Markers, and Memorial Files (D66), 1973-1992

Series II: History and Archeology, 1936-2003

Subseries A: Independence National Historical Park History Files (H14), 1973-1995
Subseries B: Biographical Data and Special Collections Files (H18), 1954-2003
Subseries C: Collections Management and Preservation Files (H20), 1978-1989
Subseries D: Cultural Resources Studies and Research Files (H22) and Records of External Archeological and Historical Data Recovery Programs (H24), 1955-1998
Subseries E: Reports and Related Correspondence (H26), 1957-1998
Subseries F: Historic Sites and Structures Management and Preservation Files (H30), 1936-2003
Subseries G: National Register of Historic Places Files (H32), National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings (National Historic Landmarks) (H34), and Historic Preservation Grants-In-Aid Records (H36), 1965-1995
Subseries H: Historic Preservation Program Overview Files (H42), 1977-1995

Series Descriptions

Series I: Development and Maintenance, 1955-2016
This series documents the planning, development, and management of the cultural assets acquired by the NPS for the creation of Independence National Historical Park. It covers the period 1951- 2000, with the majority of the material coming from the 1970s. Areas of interest include details of the Park's construction projects, documentation of the various signs used in the Park, and correspondence related to various exhibits. This series also includes several oversize items, mostly building and construction plans, which have been filed separately. They are located in Drawer 142, 143, and 165. Their original locations are marked by separation sheets.

The series is organized into ten subseries (A-J).

The subseries are arranged by file code. Within each subseries general correspondence is filed first, followed by any other administrative information, with alphabetically arranged site unit files coming last.

Subseries A: Planning Program Records (D18), 1963-1999
The bulk of this subseries consists of general administrative materials (correspondence, memos, reports, etc.) related to the development of Independence National Historical Park, specifically large projects such as land acquisition, planning for the restortion of historic buildings, demolition of existing non-historic structures, and new facilities. Notable materials include correspondence related to vacating Gatzmer, Leithgow, Orianna, and Water Streets; and the Maintenance Rehabilitation Shop Land Exchange files contain several black and white photographs.

This subseries originally contained several site files; however, these have been relocated to Series II: Subseries F - Historic Sites and Structures Management and Preservation Files (H30) because the files in question are concerned with historic structures.

Subseries B: Planning and Design Project Files (D20), 1962-1994
General correspondence files are followed by alphabetize subject files. The original file code of each subject is noted on the folder.

This subseries consists of materials that were originally encoded D30 - Roads and Trails Files, D46 - Other Buildings Files, and D50 - Record of Service and Utilities. NPS-19 places these files under either D20 - Planning and Design Project Files, or D22 - Construction Program Files. These materials were deemed more suitable for filing under the D20 coding due to their administrative nature.

The materials related to the proposed but never realized Fountain of Freedom/Constitution Memorial are of particular interest. These include correspondence and news clippings that document opposition to the project, as well as general administrative documents such as meeting minutes and internal memoranda.

Subseries C: Construction Programs Files (D22), 1960-1996
This subseries concerns construction programs, both for new buildings and existing sites. Materials of note include Form 10-238s (Development Study packages) that outline potential projects to be undertaken at INDE, Program Change/Innovation Proposals, and correspondence related to the Friends of Independence National Historical Park Museum Internship Program managed by the Museum Branch.

Subseries D: Maintenance Program Records (D24), 1959-1991
This subseries documents park maintenance. Covered topics include faulty heating/cooling systems and the conservation of historical instruments. The bulk of the materials consists of correspondence and memoranda.

Subseries E: Development and Maintenance Reports (D26), 1966-1989
This subseries consists of the Annual and Monthly Reports of the Division of Museum Operations. The bulk of the material is the Monthly Reports. Running from 1978 to 1984, each monthly report contains activity summaries from the Chief of Museum Operations, the Museum and Assistant Curator, the Curator of Exhibits, the Associate Curator, the Museum Specialist, and the Museum Technician. Reports also note any accessions, transfers, and loans. In addition, one folder contains Situation Development and Maintenance Reports (including Completion Reports), which are not from the DMO.

Subseries F: Grounds and Shoreline (D32), 1957-1998
This subseries focuses on landscaping and gardens. In addition to general correspondence, there is information about the eighteenth-century style garden established by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, a long-term tenant at the Kidd House, and details about the Fairmount Park Art Association's International Sculpture Garden project.

Subseries G: Building Files (D34), 1965-1989
These files contain information on the buildings in general, such as their physical conditions, demolitions, and repairs. There is some overlap with the content of Subseries F: Grounds (D32).
Materials of note include a court briefing from August 1984 for the Friends of Independence National Historical Park et al. vs. the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia et al. contained in the General Correspondence files, and the 1987 Proposed Lighting Plan. Also included are materials related to the recovery at the Second Bank due to fire damage in 2015.

Subseries H: Contract Files (D52), 1971-2016
It includes completion reports for City Tavern, Graff House, and First and Second Banks; correspondence detailing the scope of the work; and notices of inadequate performance. One file is dedicated to the Saint Joseph's Church landscaping project.

Subseries I: Records of Museum Activities and Exhibits (D62), 1955-2000
The subseries is divided into three different sections - D62, which covers general topics such as organizing inventories, repairs to objects, and responses to invitations; D6215 - Planning, Preparation, Maintenance and Preservation of Museum Exhibit; and D6223 - Museum Acquisitions and Loans for Display.
This subseries documents the Museum Branch operations, re: museum collections management, historic furnisings, and exhibit installation. The bulk of the correspondence covers the acquisition of period-appropriate furnishings for sites such as Congress Hall and Graff House, as well as discussions about how to create an authentic atmosphere in City Tavern. Correspondence also covers many different exhibits that were created for the bicentennial celebration and to highligh significant artifacts in the museum collections at INDE. Most heavily covered are the exhibits "Miracle at Philadelphia," and "The Promise of Permanency," which opened in 1987 as part of the Constitutional Bicentennial and have materials scattered throughout the general D6215 files. In addition, the exhibit "Comfortable, Durable & Cheap: Philadelphia Windsor Chairs" is covered in the General Correspondence from 1979.

Subseries J: Signs, Markers, and Memorial Files (D66), 1973-1992
This subseries consists of information about signage. It consists of general correspondence and memoranda covering topics such as parking signs, orientatoin materials, and the text to be used on historic markers.

Series II: History and Archeology, 1936-2003
This series contains information relating to the History and Archeology of Independence National Historical Park. The majority of the material coveres the 1970s to early 1980s.
Topics covered by the records include the American Revolution and Constitutional Convention Daybooks.
This series is organized into eight subseries (A-H).
The subseries are each arranged first by subject, then chronologically. General correspondence is filed first, followed by any other administrative information, with alphabetically arranged site unit files coming last.
This collection includes records documenting the protection and preservation of park museum collections; annual and monthly reports; and sites and structures management concerning different locations in the park, including correspondence for and against moving the Liberty Bell from Independence Hall. This series also includes a considerable number of building and construction plans and architectural drawings.

Subseries A: Independence National Historical Park History Files (H14), 1973-1995
This subseries contains records of visitations, special events (dedications, anniversaries, etc.), and significant public contacts and catastrophes. The records are in the form of internal and external correspondence, and reports. Record code H1415 contains legislative histories of INDE, and record code H1417 contains administrative history materials of the Park.

Subseries B: Biographical Data and Special Collections Files (H18), 1954-2003
This subseries contains articles, correspondence, park acquisitions, and internal reviews of the park service's Museum Handbook draft. Also included are short biographies (including George Washington, Thaddeus Kosciuszko, park superintendents, and National Park Service directors), a history of the park's historical portrait collection, nomenclature and museum cataloging information, and correspondence in connection with the 1987 "Constitutional Daybook" that was produced in celebration of the Constitutional Bicentennial.

Subseries C: Collections Management and Preservation Files (H20), 1978-1989
This subseries contains records of the protection, security, storage conditions, preservation, management, and supervised use of park museum collections. These records are in the form of internal and external correspondence.

Subseries D: Cultural Resources Studies and Research Files (H22) and Records of External Archeological and Historical Data Recovery Programs (H24), 1955-1998
This subseries contains records of assessments, correspondence in connection with the "1787 Constitutional Daybook," cultural and historical resource studies, archeological evaluations, and historic structures reports. H2215 contains National Park Service Areas and H2217 contains special studies, including 18 Columbia University Oral History Project oral histories, and the Syng Inkstand Task Force file. The records are in the form of internal and external correspondence, drawings and plans, and reports. H24 consists of one folder containing internal and external correspondence.

Subseries E: Reports and Related Correspondence (H26), 1957-1998
This subseries contains annual, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual reports; including incident reports, environmental studies, museum reports, and the report on the 1957 exploratory excavation in the John Wagner building. In addition this subseries contains internal and external correspondence.

Subseries F: Historic Sites and Structures Management and Preservation Files (H30), 1936-2003
This subseries contains records created by park personnel in the supervision and performance of preservation and rehabilitation of the grounds, objects and historic sites and structures administered by the park. These records are in the form of extensive correspondence, clippings, directives, and historic resource studies and reports, some with photographs. Also included are proposals by outside entities such as the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the Friends of Independence National Historical Park, the City of Philadelphia, and others involved in work that affected park access, boundaries, sightlines, and structures. There are a considerable number of drawings and plans in this subseries.
Specific issues include accessibility, authenticity research, lease of the Bond House as a bed and breakfast and of City Tavern as a restaurant, fire and safetly, furnishings, legal and regulatory compliance, the Liberty Bell, lighting, the military museum, and the portrait gallery.
NOTE: Due to some inconsistencies in coding, similar documents of interest may be found in D18 and D62.

Subseries G: National Register of Historic Places Files (H32), National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings (National Historic Landmarks) (H34), and Historic Preservation Grants-In-Aid Records (H36), 1965-1995
This subseries documents the process of proposing and documenting properties designated under authority of the Historic Sites Act. It includes information about sites local to, but outside the park. The First Bank of the United States, Second Bank of the United States, Christ Church, Carpenters' Hall, and Independence Hall are among some of the properties mentioned in these files.
NOTE: H32 files were integrated into this subseries due to the close relationship of the materials.

Subseries H: Historic Preservation Program Overview Files (H42), 1977-1995
This subseries documents NPS policies, standards, and procedure updates used in managing operations in accordance with historic preservation legislation.
The materials consist of correspondence, compliance reviews, and meeting notes.

Container List

SERIES I: Development and Maintenance D18 – D66, 1955-2000

SERIES I; SUBSERIES A: Planning Program Records D18, 1963-1999

Box 1
Folder 1: Statement for Management, 1977
Folder 2: General Correspondence, 1974, 1977-1978
Folder 3: General Correspondence, 1979
Folder 4: General Correspondence, 1980
Folder 5: General Correspondence, 1981-1982
Folder 6: General Correspondence, 1983
Folder 7: General Correspondence, 1984-1986
Folder 8: General Correspondence, 1988-1990
Folder 9-10: General Correspondence, 1991-1993
Folder 11: General Correspondence, 1994-1999
Folder 12: Maintenance Facility, 1974-1977
Folder 13-14: Maintenance Rehabilitation Shop Land Exchange, 1963- 1970
Folder 15-16: Maintenance and Rehabilitation, 1981
Folder 17: Basic Operation Statements, 1981-1982
Folder 18: Vacating Gatzmer Street, 1976-1977
Folder 19: Vacating Leithgow Street, 1973-1974
Folder 20: Vacating Orianna Street, 1973-1977

Separated oversize materials from Box 1 (Drawer 142, Folder 1)
-Plan Striking from City Plan No. 308 and Vacating Leithgow Street. March 4, 1974
-Street Plan - Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area. 2 sheets.
-Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area Unit 3 Disposition Plot Plan. Oct 1, 1965
-St. Mary's Church Cemetery. NE Corner S. 5th Street and Marshall's Court. Aug. 7, 1963
-Project Area Report Map. Independence Mall Urban Renewal Area. May 1963

Box 2
Folder 1: Vacating Water Street, 1968-1972
Folder 2-3: Independence Visitor Center, 1968-1971
Folder 4: Independence Visitor Center, 1974-1985

SERIES I; SUBSERIES B: Planning and Design Project Files D20, 1962- 1994
Folder 5-6: General Correspondence, 1975-1983
Folder 7: General Correspondence, 1962-1989
Folder 8: Alarm System, 1984-1987
Folder 9: Cooling and Heating Systems, 1964-1973
Folder 10: Cooling and Heating Systems, 1974-1984
Folder 11: Custodial Care of Historic Areas, 1984-1994
Folder 12: Electricity, 1977-1993
Folder 13-15: Fountain of Freedom and Constitution Memorial, 1987- 1990
Folder 16: Garbage Disposal, 1980-1989
Folder 17: Gas Systems, 1973-1985
Folder 18: Radio and Telephone, 1977-1990
Folder 19: Sanitation Matters including Reports, 1965-1989
Folder 20: Water and Sewer, 1974-1986

SERIES I; SUBSERIES C: Construction Programs Files D22, 1960-1996
Folder 8: General Correspondence, 1969-1977
Folder 9: General Correspondence, 1977-1979
Folder 10: General Correspondence, 1980-1985
Folder 11: General Correspondence, 1986-1995
Folder 12: Advance Project Planning Programs, 1983-1985
Folder 13: Budget and Operating Increase Reports, 1975-1977

Separated oversize materials from Box 2 (Drawer 142, Folder 1)
-Leithgow Street - to conform to ordiance...2 drawings. February 25, 1974.
-Third Street Lighting - Lighting location - Site Lighting - Visitor Center Development, June 17, 1974 and October 10, 1974. 3 sheets.
-Traffic Island plans and details for Independence Mall. 3 sheets.

Box 3
Folder 1: Developed Area Listing, 1974-1979
Folder 2-4: Development/Study Packages 5 Year Plan 1979 and Beyond, 1977-1996
Folder 5-6: Development/Study Package Proposals, 1975-1983
Folder 7: Friends of Independence National Historical Park Museum Internship Program, 1980-1985
Folder 8: Program Change/Innovation Proposals, 1974-1987
Folder 9: Area F, 1976-1978
Folder 10: Bishop White House, 1962
Folder 11: City Tavern, 1971-1974
Folder 12: Congress Hall, 1962-1976
Folder 13: Deshler-Morris House, 1974-1989
Folder 14: Fawcitt House, 1973
Folder 15: First Bank, 1973-1977
Folder 16: Fort Mifflin, 1971-1972
Folder 17: Franklin Court, 1969-1980
Folder 18: Gloria Dei, 1960-1988
Folder 19: Graff House, 1969-1973
Folder 20: Historical Handbook, 1973
Folder 21: Independence Hall, 1965-1978
Folder 22: Irvin Building, 1968-1973
Folder 23: Kosciuszko House, 1972-1976
Folder 24: Liberty Bell Pavilion, 1973-1985
Folder 25: Maintenance Facilities, 1973-1977
Folder 26: Merchants’ Exchange, 1973-1978
Folder 27: Old City Hall, 1965-1974
Folder 28: Park History Study, 1973
Folder 29: Pemberton House, 1966-1970
Folder 30: Saint Joseph’s Church, 1966-1971
Folder 31: Second Bank, 1964-1973
Folder 32: Todd House, 1963-1976
Folder 33: Visitor Center, 1957-1974
Folder 34: Welcome Park, 1982

Separated oversize materials from Box 3 (Drawer 165, Folder 8)
-Fountain of Freedom - Master Plan Study, March 28, 1989.

Box 4

SERIES I; SUBSERIES D: Maintenance Program Records D24, 1959- 1991
Folder 1: General Correspondence, 1975-1991
Folder 2: Bishop White House, 1967-1991
Folder 3: Christ Church, 1974-1987
Folder 4: City Tavern, 1982
Folder 5: Congress Hall, 1960-1977
Folder 6: Deshler-Morris House, 1963-1983
Folder 7: First Bank, 1962-1974
Folder 8: Old City Hall, 1973
Folder 9: Philosophical Hall, 1959
Folder 10: Second Bank, 1970

SERIES I; SUBSERIES E: Development and Maintenance Reports D26, 1966-1989
Note: includes D5215 and D5217
Folder 11: Museum Operations, 1984-1987
Folder 12-13: D2615 Monthly Reports, 1979-1981
Folder 14-15: D2615 Monthly Reports, 1982-1984
Folder 16: D2621 Annual Reports, 1979-1989
Folder 17: D2623 Situation and Maintenance Reports, 1966-1975

SERIES I; SUBSERIES F: Grounds and Shoreline D32, 1957-1998
Folder 18-19: General Correspondence, 1962-1998
Folder 20: Grounds Diagrams, 1957-1963
Folder 21: D3215 Picnic and Campgrounds, 1975-1983
Folder 22: D3219 Eighteenth Century Garden, 1954-1968
Folder 23: D3219 Sculpture Garden, 1970-1971

SERIES I; SUBSERIES G: Buildings Files D34, 1965-1989
Folder 24: General Correspondence, 1972-1989 [1 of 3]
Folder 25: General Correspondence, 1972-1989 [2 of 3]
Folder 26: General Correspondence, 1972-1989 [3 of 3]
Folder 27: Completion Reports; Status Reports, 1965-1987
Folder 28: Proposed Lighting Plan Report, 1967

Box 4.5
Folder 1: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Materials Conservation Co. Report, Jan-Feb 2015
Folder 2: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Contracting Officer's Representative (COR,) July 2015
Folder 3: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Specifications, July 2015
Folder 4: Second Bank Fire Recovery: NEPA/NHPA Compliance, July 2015
Folder 5: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Individual Acquisition Plan & Purchase Requisitions, June & Sept 2015
Folder 6: Second Bank Fire Recovery: PMIS Statement & Independent Government Estimate, Sept 2015
Folder 7: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Contract, Sept 2015
Folder 8: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Submittals, Oct-Dec 2015
Folder 9: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Meeting Minutes, Oct 2015-March 2016
Folder 10: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Invoices, Dec 2015-June 2016
Folder 11: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Project Schedule, 2015-2016
Folder 12: Second Bank Fire Recovery: Drawings, July 2016
Folder 13: Second Bank Fire Recovery: CD of Documents & Photos

SERIES I; SUBSERIES H: Contracts Files D52, 1971-1997
Folder 14: City Tavern Completion Reports, 1975-1976

Separated oversize materials from Box 4 (Drawer 142, Folders 1 & 2)
-Pemberton House Test Boring Results (folder 1).
-Thomas Bond House Plans, September 1984. 6 sheets (folder 2).
-Partical Diagrammatic Longitudinal Section through Philosophical Hall and Old City Hall looking West, 1959 (folder 2).

Box 5
Folder 1: First Bank Completion Reports, 1975-1976
Folder 2: Graff House Completion Reports, 1975-1976
Folder 3: Second Bank Completion Reports, 1975
Folder 4: Visitor Center Completion Reports, 1976
Folder 5-6: General Correspondence, 1974-1993
Folder 7: Landscaping Project St. Joseph’s Church, 1971-1974
Folder 8: Vitetta Group Contract A&E, 1994
Folder 9: Professional Services (Architecture and Engineering) Contracts, 1985-1989
Folder 10: Construction Contracts – Fire and Alarm Systems, 1982-1997

SERIES I; SUBSERIES I: Records of Museum Activities and Exhibits D62, 1955-2000
Note: includes D6215 and D6223.

Folder 11: General Correspondence, 1959-1973
Folder 12: General Correspondence, 1974
Folder 13-15: General Correspondence, 1976
Folder 16-17: General Correspondence, 1977
Folder 18-19: General Correspondence, 1978

Separated oversize materials from Box 5 (Drawer 142, Folder 2; Drawer 165, Folder 8)
-Development Plan - Areas A & B - Part of Master Plan - Independence National Historical Park. Drawing No. NHP-IND 3018-B, 1957 (Drawer 142, Folder 2).
-Horticultural Society Grounds Development. Walnut Street - Third to Fourth. Drawing No. NHP-IND 3304, 1963 (Drawer 142, Folder 2).
-Redevelopment Plan - Areas A & B - Part of Master Plan. Independence National Historical Park. Drawing No. NHP-IND 3018, 1957 (Drawer 142, Folder 2).
-Independence Mall Parking Garage - Fifth and Market. Moving Stairway Removal and Installation of Fixed Stair. Project No. 81046. (Drawer 165, Folder 8).
Box 6
Folder 1-2: General Correspondence, 1979
Folder 3: General Correspondence, 1980
Folder 4-5: General Correspondence, 1981
Folder 6: General Correspondence, 1982
Folder 7-8: General Correspondence, 1983
Folder 9: General Correspondence, 1984
Folder 10: General Correspondence, 1985
Folder 11-12: General Correspondence, 1986
Folder 13-15: General Correspondence, 1987
Folder 16: General Correspondence, 1988
Folder 17-18: General Correspondence, 1989

Separated oversize materials from Box 6 (Drawer 142, Folder 2)
-Liberty Bell Pavilion, May 15, 1975

Box 7
Folder 1-2: General Correspondence, 1990
Folder 3-4: General Correspondence, 1991
Folder 5-6: General Correspondence, 1992
Folder 7-8: General Correspondence, 1993
Folder 9-10: General Correspondence, 1994
Folder 11: General Correspondence, 1995
Folder 12-13: General Correspondence, 1996-1998
Folder 14: General Correspondence, 1999
Folder 15: Reports – Inventory of Property, 1981; 1992; 1994
Folder 16: Annual Museum Property Report, 1989
Folder 17: Bishop White House, 1960-1989
Folder 18: Carpenters’ Hall, 1965-1979
Folder 19: City Tavern, 1971-1989

Box 8

Folder 1: City Tavern, 1971-1989
Folder 2: Congress Hall, 1960-1978
Folder 3: Deshler-Morris House, 1962-1985
Folder 4: First Bank, 1966-1983
Folder 5: Franklin Court, 1955- April 1975
Folder 6: Franklin Court, May 1975-1981
Folder 7: Free Quaker Meeting House, 1975-1976
Folder 8: Graff House, 1960-1976
Folder 9: Independence Hall, 1958-1981
Folder 10: Kosciuszko House, 1974-1987
Folder 11: Liberty Bell Pavilion, 1974-1987
Folder 12: Merchants’ Exchange, 1957-1981
Folder 13: New Hall, 1955-1980
Folder 14: Old City Hall, 1959-1975
Folder 15: Pemberton House, 1962-1974
Folder 16: Red Grooms’ “Philadelphia Cornucopia”, 1982
Folder 17: Second Bank, 1973-1980
Folder 18: Todd House, 1960-1961
Folder 19: Visitor’s Center, 1972-1988
Folder 20-23: D6215 Planning, Preparation, Maintenance and Preservation of Museum Exhibits, 1980-1990

Box 9
Folder 1-2: D6215 Planning, Preparation, Maintenance and Preservation of Museum Exhibits, 1980-1990
Folder 3: D6215 Planning, Preparation, Maintenance and Preservation of Museum Exhibits, 1991-1994
Folder 4: D6215 Bishop White House, 1960-1973
Folder 5: D6215 City Tavern, 1960-1973 (Contents related to Congress Hall not City Tavern)
Folder 6: D6215 Computerized Exhibit, 1984-1987
Folder 7: D6215 Congress Hall – Eagle Mural, 1959-1960
Folder 8: D6215 Deshler-Morris House, 1967
Folder 9: D6215 Independence Hall, 1964-1973
Folder 10: D6215 Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial, 1973
Folder 11: D6215 New Hall, 1955-1969
Folder 12: D6215 Old City Hall, 1973-1973
Folder 13-15: D6215 Pemberton House, 1960-1973
Folder 16: D6215 Second Bank, 1971-1987
Folder 17: D6215 Todd House, 1960-1973
Folder 18: D6215 Visitor Center, 1972, 1991
Folder 19: D6221 Annual Inventory of Museum Property, 1987, 1999
Folder 20: D6223 General Correspondence, 1957-1971
Folder 21-22: D6223 General Correspondence, 1974
Folder 23-24: D6223 General Correspondence, 1975
Folder 25-27: D6223 General Correspondence, 1976
Folder 28: D6223 General Correspondence, 1977
Folder 29: D6223 General Correspondence, 1978

Box 10
Folder 1: D6223 General Correspondence, 1978
Folder 2: D6223 General Correspondence, 1979
Folder 3-4: D6223 General Correspondence, 1980
Folder 5-6: D6223 General Correspondence, 1981
Folder 7-8: D6223 General Correspondence, 1982
Folder 9: D6223 General Correspondence, 1983
Folder 10: D6223 General Correspondence, 1984
Folder 11: D6223 General Correspondence, 1985
Folder 12: D6223 General Correspondence, 1986
Folder 13: D6223 General Correspondence, 1987
Folder 14: D6223 General Correspondence, 1988
Folder 15: D6223 General Correspondence, 1989-1990
Folder 16: D6223 General Correspondence, 1991
Folder 17: D6223 General Correspondence, 1992-1993
Folder 18: D6223 General Correspondence, 1994-1995
Folder 19: D6223 General Correspondence, 1996-1997
Folder 20: D6223 General Correspondence, 1998-1999
Folder 21: D6223 General Correspondence, 2000

SERIES I; SUBSERIES J: Signs, Markers, and Memorials Files D66, 1973-1992

Folder 22-23: General Correspondence, 1973-1976
Folder 24: General Correspondence, 1975-1980
Folder 25: General Correspondence, 1981-1984
Folder 26: General Correspondence, 1985-1986

Separated oversize materials from Box 10 (Drawer 142, Folder 2)
-Pemberton House Floor Plan, April 12, 1967. 2 sheets.
-Poster featuring Red Groom's Philadelphia Cornucopia, June 15- September 12, 1982.
-Second Bank/Portrait Gallery, Concept Drawing and Construction details.

Box 11

Folder 1: General Correspondence, 1987-1989
Folder 2: General Correspondence, 1990-1992

SERIES II: History and Archeology H14-H34, 1936-2003

SERIES II; SUBSERIES A: Independence National Historical Park Area and Service History Files H14, 1973-1995
Note: includes H1415 and H1417

Folder 3: Independence National Historical Park Area and Service History, 1977-1984
Folder 4: General Correspondence, 1985-1995
Folder 5: Valley Forge, 1977, 1989
Folder 6: H1415 Legislative History, 1973-1987
Folder 7: H1417 Administrative History, 1980-1981

SERIES II; SUBSERIES B: Biographical Data and Special Collections Files H18, 1954-2003
Note: Includes H1817 Folder 8-9: Accounts, 1954-2003

Folder 10: Collections – 1787 Daybook, 1985-1989
Folder 11: H1817 Acquisitions, Gifts, Loans, and Inventories, 1991-1998

SERIES II; SUBSERIES C: Collections Management and Preservation Files H20, 1978-1989
Note: Includes H2017

Folder 12: General Correspondence, 1980-1989
Folder 13: H2017 Accession Files, 1978-1985

SERIES II; SUBSERIES D: Cultural Resources Studies and Research Files H22, 1955-1998
Note: Includes H2215, H2217, and one folder of H24

Folder 14-16: General Correspondence, 1973-1995
Folder 17: Urban Trees, 1982
Folder 18: Guideline, Drafts, and Comments, 1974, 1979
Folder 19: Area F, 1976-1977
Folder 20: Bishop White House, 1960-1980
Folder 21: Christ Church, 1961 Folder 22: City Tavern, 1962-1974
Folder 23: Cobblestone Paving, 1960-1966
Folder 24: Congress Hall, 1959-1968

Box 12

Folder 1: Congress Hall Eagle Mural, 1958-1959
Folder 2: Deshler-Morris House, 1960-1981
Folder 3: Dock Creek, 1955-1958
Folder 4: First Bank, 1958-1976
Folder 5-6: Franklin Court, 1955-1980
Folder 7: Graff House, 1970-1972
Folder 8: Independence Hall, 1957-1990
Folder 9: Kosciuszko House, 1974-1999
Folder 10-11: Kosciuszko House Walking Tour, 1998
Folder 12: New Hall, 1965-1980
Folder 13: Old City Hall, 1959-1971
Folder 14: Pemberton House, 1966
Folder 15: Poe House, 1990
Folder 16: Second Bank, 1955-1974
Folder 17: Todd House, 1959-1973
Folder 18-19: H2215 INDE Areas, 1961-1986
Folder 20-21: H2215 INDE Areas, 1974-1978
Folder 22: H2215 INDE Areas, 1979-1994
Folder 23: H2217 Oral History Releases, 1977-1981
Folder 24: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Judge Edwin O. Lewis, January 2, 1969
Folder 25: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Roy Larson, January 25, 1969
Folder 26: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Mrs. Lysbeth Boyd Borie, March 22, 1969
Folder 27: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Isidor Ostroff, September 26, 1969
Folder 28: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Herbert Kahler, October 10, 1969
Folder 29: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Leon Sacks, October 10, 1969

Box 13

Folder 1: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Michael J. Bradley, October 24, 1969
Folder 2: H2217 Oral History Transcript – M. Joseph McCosker, November 7, 1969
Folder 3: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Edward Riley, November 23, 1970
Folder 4: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Roy Appleman, December 11, 1969
Folder 5: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Arthur C. Kaufmann, December 12, 1969
Folder 6: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Judge Edwin O. Lewis, January 16, 1970
Folder 7: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Edmund Bacon, January 30, 1970
Folder 8: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Mrs. Joseph Carson, April 17, 1970 (folder empty)
Folder 9: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Hardy Scott, May 1, 1970
Folder 10: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Melford O. Anderson, June 12, 1970
Folder 11: H2217 Oral History Transcript – Dennis Kurjack, June 18, 1970
Folder 12: H2217 Special Studies, 1980
Folder 13: H2217 Special Studies, 1987-1988
Folder 14: H2217 Constitution Daybook – fees, 1987
Folder 15: H2217 Syng Ink Stand Task Force, 1986-1987
Folder 16: H24 Programs, 1957-1993

SERIES II; SUBSERIES E: Reports and Related Correspondence H26, 1957-1998

Folder 17: History and Archeology Reports, 1974-1998
Folder 18: H2615 History and Archeology Monthly Reports, 1974-1977
Folder 19: H2617 Quarterly Reports, 1968-1977
Folder 20: H2621 Annual Reports, 1983-1984
Folder 21: H2623 John Wagner Buildings, Exploratory Excavation, 1957

SERIES II; SUBSERIES F: Historic Sites and Structures Management and Preservations Files H30, 1936-2003 and undated Note: Includes H3015, H3017, H3019, and H3021

Folder 22: General Correspondence, 1953-1961
Folder 23: General Correspondence, 1962-1974
Folder 24: General Correspondence, 1975-1977
Folder 25-26: General Correspondence, 1978-1991
Folder 27-29: General Correspondence, 1980-1984

Separated oversize materials from Box 13 (Drawer 142, Folder 3)
-Graff House Plaque Base Details and Partial Plan of Garden Entrance.
-Graff House Plaque Drawings. 2 sheets.
-General Accident Insurance - Selection thru Letter - blueprint, September 1, 1982.
-General Accident Insurance - East Elevation blueprint, August 26, 1982.
-Heartthrob Cafe and Philadelphia Bandstand - elevation drawings - The Bourse Independence Mall East.

Box 14

Folder 1: General Correspondence, 1980-1984
Folder 2-6: General Correspondence, 1985-1988
Folder 7-8: General Correspondence, 1986-1987
Folder 9-11: General Correspondence, 1989-1990
Folder 12-13: General Correspondence, 1991
Folder 14: General Correspondence, 1992
Folder 15-16: General Correspondence, 1993
Folder 17: General Correspondence, 1994
Folder 18-19: General Correspondence, 1995
Folder 20: General Correspondence, 1996

Box 15

Folder 1: General Correspondence, 1996
Folder 2: General Correspondence, 1997
Folder 3-5: General Correspondence, 1998
Folder 6: General Correspondence, 1999
Folder 7: General Correspondence, 2000
Folder 8: Correspondence Atmospheric Controls, 1960-1964
Folder 9-10: Development Outlines, 1949-1953
Folder 11: Park Accessibility Plan, 1998
Folder 12: Area B, 1958-1959
Folder 13-15: Area F, 1960-1978
Folder 16: Area F, 1962-1971
Folder 17-18: Area F, 1972-1974

Separated oversize materials from Box 15 (Drawer 142, Folder 3)
-Archeological Determination of Historic Surfaces - West Side, DilworthTodd-Moylan House, November 2, 1961.

Box 16

Folder 1: Area F, 1975
Folder 2-3: Area F, 1976
Folder 4-6: Area F, 1977
Folder 7-9: Area F, 1978
Folder 10-11: Area F, 1979
Folder 12: Area F, 1980-1991
Folder 13-14: Bicentennial Bell, 1974-1979
Folder 15-16: Bishop White House, 1954-1982

Separated oversize materials from Box 16 (Drawer 142, Folder 3)
-Archeologica excavation - 233 Dock Street - Wagner Building Basement, February 4, 1959.

Box 17
Folder 1: Bishop White House, 1990-1998
Folder 2: Bond House, 1985-1988
Folder 3: Bringhurst House, 1972-1988
Folder 4-5: Carpenters’ Hall, 1954-1980
Folder 6: Carpenters’ Hall, 1954-1973
Folder 7: Carpenters’ Court and Hall, 1974-1981
Folder 8: Carpenters’ Court and Hall, 1993-1996
Folder 9-10: Christ Church, 1951-1984
Folder 11: City Tavern, 1955-1995
Folder 12: Cliffs, The, 1971
Folder 13: Congress Hall, 1958-1996
Folder 14: Congress Hall Restoration, 1960-1962
Folder 15-16: Congress Hall Mural Eagle, 1958-1961
Folder 17: Congress Hall Opening, 1962
Folder 18: Deshler-Morris House, 1948
Folder 19: Deshler-Morris House, 1949

Box 18

Folder 1-2: Deshler-Morris House, 1949
Folder 3-4: Deshler-Morris House, 1950
Folder 5-6: Deshler-Morris House, 1951-1955
Folder 7: Deshler-Morris House, 1956-1968
Folder 8: Deshler-Morris House, 1970-1976
Folder 9: Deshler-Morris House, 1978-1982
Folder 4: Deshler-Morris House, 1984-2003
Folder 5: Elliott Building, 1987
Folder 6: Fawcitt House, 1958-1965
Folder 7: First Bank, 1958-1960
Folder 8: First Bank, 1961-1967
Folder 9: First Bank, 1968-1973
Folder 10: First Bank, 1974-1995

Box 19

Folder 1: Fling House, 1960-1962
Folder 2-3: Fort Mifflin, 1971-1985
Folder 4: Franklin Court, 1950-1953
Folder 5: Franklin Court, 1956-1962
Folder 6-7: Franklin Court, 1963-1973
Folder 8-9: Franklin Court, 1974-1975
Folder 10: Franklin Court, 1976-1999
Folder 11: Fulton House, 1974
Folder 12-13: Gloria Dei, 1953-1962
Folder 14-15: Gloria Dei, 1963-1973
Folder 16: Gloria Dei, 1974-1976
Folder 17-18: Gloria Dei, 1977-1995
Folder 19: Gloria Dei Drawings, Easement, 1955-1967
Folder 20: Graff House, 1951-1967

Box 20

Folder 1-2: Graff House, 1968-1971
Folder 3: Graff House, 1972-1973
Folder 4: Graff House, 1974-1987
Folder 5: Hibbard House, 1959-1961
Folder 6: Independence Hall, 1954-1960
Folder 7: Independence Hall, 1961-1962
Folder 8: Independence Hall, 1963-1969
Folder 9: Independence Hall, 1970-1974
Folder 10: Independence Hall, 1975-1978
Folder 11: Independence Hall, 1981-1988
Folder 12-14: Independence Hall - Tower Rehabilitation, 1986-1999
Folder 15: Independence Hall – Statement of Historic Significance, undated
Folder 16: Irvin Building, 1969-1987
Folder 17: Kidd House, 1954-1999
Folder 18: Krider’s Gun Shop, 1952-1959

Separated oversize materials from Box 20 (Drawer 142, Folder 3; Drawer 165, Folder 8)
-West Elevation - Commerical Buildings 125-127 S. Second Street, undated (Drawer 142, Folder 3).
-Parking Garage Second and Samson Streets - Design Sketches, September 29, 1977 (Drawer 165, Folder 8).
-Estimate of work required to conform with ordiance of council approved on November 16, 1976. 2 copies. January 10, 1978 (Drawer 142, Folder 3).
-City Plans Division, Bureau of Surveys and Design, Department of Streets, February 22, 1978 (Drawer 142, Folder 3).
Box 21

Folder 1: Kosciuszko House, 1970-1973
Folder 2: Kosciuszko House, 1975-1975
Folder 3: Kosciuszko House, 1976-2001
Folder 4-5: Liberty Bell General Correspondence, 1961-1972
Folder 6: Liberty Bell General Correspondence, 1973-1974
Folder 7: Liberty Bell, 1936-1957
Folder 8: Liberty Bell, 1958-1960
Folder 9: Liberty Bell, 1961-1962
Folder 10: Liberty Bell, 1963-1965
Folder 11: Liberty Bell, 1966-1970
Folder 12: Liberty Bell, 1971-1973
Folder 13: Liberty Bell, 1975
Folder 14: Liberty Bell, 1976
Folder 15: Liberty Bell, 1977-1997
Folder 16: Liberty Bell Drawings and Reports, 1957-1962 and undated
Folder 17: Liberty Bell Pavilion, 1973-1974
Folder 6: Liberty Bell Pavilion, 1975
Folder 7: Liberty Bell Pavilion, 1976

Separated oversize materials from Box 21 (Drawer 142, Folder 4; Drawer 165, Folder 8)
-Connection Diagram for 6'-10" Bell & Hammer Motors, May 19, 1976 (Drawer 142, Folder 4).
-Carpenters' Hall site drawing, 1980 (Drawer 165, Folder 8).
-Carpenters' Hall - Chimney Breast East Side - West Side Similar Reversed, May 10, 1967 (Drawer 165, Folder 8).
-Christ Church Bell Carillon (Drawer 165, Folder 8).

Box 22

Folder 1: Liberty Bell Relocation, 1971-1975
Folder 2: Liberty Bell Relocation – Correspondence For, 1972-1973
Folder 3-6: Liberty Bell Relocation – Correspondence Against, 1972
Folder 7: Liberty Bell Relocation – Correspondence Against, 1973-1974
Folder 8: “The Liberty Bell Speaks,” 1962-1966
Folder 9-10: Library Hall (American Philosophical Society), 1954-1960
Folder 11: Locust Street Buildings, 1953-1984
Folder 12: Market Square, Germantown, 1955-1977
Folder 13: Marshall’s Court, 1958-1962
Folder 14: McIlvaine House, 1958-1973
Folder 15: Merchants’ Exchange, 1954-1960
Folder 16: Merchants’ Exchange, 1961-1996
Folder 17: Mikveh Israel Cemetery, 1954-1981
Folder 18: Morris Statue, 1961-1962
Folder 19-20: New Hall, 1954-1959

Separated oversize materials from Box 22 (Drawer 142, Folder 4)
-Portico Doorway, Congress Hall drawings, January 5, 1962.
-House of Representatives Gallery Balustrade, Congress Hall - Elevation drawings, Mary 1, 1962.
-Plan of Property made for Estate of Elizabeth C. Morris, November 29, 1950.

Box 23

Folder 1: New Hall, 1960-1966
Folder 2: New Hall, 1972-1981
Folder 3: Old City Hall, 1959-1969
Folder 4: Old City Hall, 1970-1988
Folder 5: Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 1956
Folder 6: Pemberton House (Army-Navy Museum), 1958-1965
Folder 7-8: Pemberton House (Army-Navy Museum), 1966-1976
Folder 9: Penn’s Landing Correspondence, 1970-1974
Folder 10-11: Poe House, 1977-1979
Folder 12: Poe House, 1980-1994
Folder 13: St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church, 1961-1962
Folder 14: St. George’s Methodist Church, 1956-1995
Folder 15-16: St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, 1956-1999
Folder 17: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, 1956-1978
Folder 18: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1956, 1967, 1979
Folder 19-20: Second Bank, 1947-1975
Folder 21: Second Bank – Drawings, 1974

Separated oversize materials from Box 23 (Drawer 142, Folder 4)
-First Bank of the United States Underground Room, January 7, 1959. -Area C, Franklin Court - showing existing structures, historic sites, and past excavations, March 7, 1958 (attached to March 20, 1958 report: Recommendations for the Completion of Archeological Programs Franklin Court).

Box 24

Folder 1: Society Hall Synagogue, 1968-1969
Folder 2: Surgeon’s Hall, 1963-1970
Folder 3-4: Todd House, 1957-1973
Folder 5: Tun Tavern, 1959-1988
Folder 6: Walnut Street Houses, 1954-1987
Folder 7: Washington Square, 1974-1995
Folder 8: Elisha Webb Chandlery (Bookbinders), 1989-1990
Folder 9: Welcome Park, 1981-1982
Folder 10: H3015 Historic Sites and Structures, 1992-1996
Folder 11-12: H3015 Management, Preservation, and Maintenance, 1978- 1987
Folder 13: H3015 Management, Preservation and Maintenance, 1991
Folder 14: H3017 List of Classified Structures, 1981
Folder 15: H3019 Special Studies, 1978-1993
Folder 16: H3021 Leasing of Historic Sites, 1986-1991

SERIES II; SUBSERIES G: National Register of Historic Places Files H32, National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings (National Historic Landmarks) H34, and Historic Preservation Grants-in-Aid H36, 1965-1995
Note: Includes H3415 and H3417 Folder 17: General Correspondence, 1965-1972

Folder 18: General Correspondence, 1973-1974
Folder 19-20: General Correspondence, 1975-1978

Separated oversize materials from Box 24 (Drawer 142, Folder 4; Drawer 143, Folder 1
-Visitor Center Development - Alternate Street Lamp Location at Third Street (Drawer 142, Folder 4).
-Revision Franklin Exchange and Monitoring Room, Museum, November 21, 1974 (Drawer 142, Folder 4).
-Plan Showing Development of Site Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church (Drawer 142, Folder 4).
-Board of Viewers Plan for the widening of the North Side of Washington Avenue from Third Street to Delaware Avenue. Drawing No. M6416- 3BV, 1965 (Drawer 142, Folder 4).
-General Development Plan - Gloria Dei. Part of the Master Plan. Drawing No. NHS-GDC 3000B, 1961 (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Enviornment of Old Swedes' Church (Gloria Dei) (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Glorai Dei National Historic Site based on Sanborn Map, April 1956. Drawing No. NHP-IND 2590, April 17, 1957. Redrawn January 6, 1959. 2 sheets, 1 colored (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Topographic Base Map. Drawing No. NHP-IND 2588, December 1955 (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Gloria Dei Property Line Map. Drawing No. NHP-IND2775, 1962 (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Shutters - Restoration at Gloria Dei (Old Swedes' Church). Operation No. 358, 1955 (Drawer 143, Folder 1).

Box 25

Folder 1-2: General Correspondence, 1981-1987
Folder 3: General Correspondence, 1988-1993
Folder 4: H3415 Restoration and Preservation, 1976-1990
Folder 5: H3417 National Historic Landmarks, 1969-1978
Folder 6: H36 Grants-in Aid Requests, 1992-1995

SERIES II; SUBSERIES H: Historic Preservation Program Overview Files H42, 1977-1995
Note: Includes H4215 and H4217

Folder 7: General Correspondence, 1980-1995
Folder 8: H4215 Legislative Policies and Procedures, 1977
Folder 9: H4217 Compliance Documentation, 1978-1988

Box 26

Separated oversize materials (Drawer 143, Folder 1)
-Revisions to Second Floor Plan - Kidd House, October 24, 1965. -Cellar Plans. [Kosciuszo National Memorial].

Box 27
Separated oversize materials (Drawer 142, Folder 6; Drawer 143, Folder 1 & 2)
-Underpinning for Liberty Bell Vault. Drawing No. NHP-IND 3485. 2 sheets, May 1957 (Drawer 143, Folder 1).
-Liberty Bell Archives Independence Hall. Drawn by CK. 2 copies (Drawer 143, Folder 2).
-Liberty Bell Dimensional Drawing. Sheet No. LB-4. 2 copies (Drawer 143, Folder 2).
-Liberty Bell Masonry. Sheet No. LB-5. 2 copies (Drawer 142, Folder 6).
-Liberty Bell Archives. Sheet No. LB-6. Drawn by CK. 2 copies (Drawer 143, Folder 2).
-Liberty Bell Archives. Sheet No LB-1. Drawn by CK (Drawer 143, Folder 2).

Box 28

Separated oversize materials (Drawer 143, Folder 2)
-Philadelphia Exchange Building, No. 14 - Alterations to Basement, September 14, 1955.

Box 29

Separated oversize materials (Drawer 143, Folder 2)
-Pemberton House Modificatoins to Theatre Blueprint. 2 copies.
-Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site Plan, February 1979.
-Garden Entrance Treatment Drawing - St. Joseph's Church Area.

Box 30

Separated oversize materials (Drawer 143, Folder 2)
-Second Bank - Attic, Basement, etc., October 22, 1958.
-Rehabilitation of Custom House. 3 sheets, February 15, 1940.
-Figure No. 1 Street Plan - Buildings to be Demolised - 300 block Walnut Street.
-Pennsylvnia Horticultural Society Library - Alternative Plan, March 31, 1964.

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