Gilded flicker
Gilded flicker. NPS photo.


Changes in landbird populations may indicate changes in their environments. Because they can respond quickly to changes in resource conditions, landbirds are good indicators of ecosystem health. They are also a popular and highly valued resource among park visitors.

Knowing about landbird populations can help park managers to judge the potential consequences of stressors and current and proposed management actions. Knowing which birds are present or migratory in a park also helps managers to better serve park visitors. Bird monitoring data also help the Sonoran Desert Network to evaluate the overall natural condition of network parks.

Measurements and Objectives

Measures of occupancy, species richness, and density are used to:

  • Estimate the proportion of points occupied for most species in most parks,
  • Estimate parameters related to community dynamics, and
  • Estimate the density of the most-common species.
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Last updated: May 9, 2022