Heliograph Newsletter

The Heliograph is the official newsletter of the Sonoran Desert Network.

Winter 2019

  • Learning Center Offers Self-Guided Smartphone Tour
  • Insights on Vegetation at Casa Grande Ruins NM
  • Vegetation Map Completed for Coronado NMem
  • Status of Climate and Water Resources

Issue 6(1) Summer 2016

  • Springs Monitoring Begins
  • Around the Network: Resource Management Highlights from Montezuma Castle NM and Tumacácori NHP
  • The Living Stream

Issue 5(2) Summer 2015

  • Something in the Water: Emerging Contaminants Testing in SODN Parks
  • Around the Network: Resource Management Highlights from Chiricahua NM, Organ Pipe Cactus NM, and Saguaro NP

Issue 5(1) Summer 2015

  • Hola, Humans! CritterCams Come to SODN
  • Groundwater Monitoring at CCC-era Wildlife Watering Facilities
  • "Yes, and . . . " (Finding Our Inner Amy Poehler)
  • BOLO: Bullfrogs!
  • The DRLC: Our Living Laboratory
  • "Let Me Ask You Something . . ."

Issue 4(2) Summer 2014

  • Designing the Desert Research Learning Center: Sustainability in Practice
  • MOCA/TUZI BioBlitz Coming in October
  • Learning the Art—and Science—of Filmmaking
  • Staff profile: Anna Iwaki

Issue 4(1) Spring 2014

  • Water Loss on the Santa Cruz River: The Value of Effluent Inputs in a Desert Landscape
  • Under Pressure: Measuring Water Stress in Riparian Plants
  • Staff profile: Laura Palacios

Issue 3(2) Summer 2013

  • The Desert Research Learning Center: Our New Home Away from Home
  • The New Wave of Student Scientists
  • The SODN Weather Station Revolution

Issue 3(1) Spring 2013

  • Climate Monitoring Heats Up: Ham Radio Technology Provides Low-Cost Data
  • Weather Stories (also known as stochastic events)
  • See What You're Missing Online!

Issue 2(2) Autumn 2012

  • Goodbye, Datasheets!
  • Staff profile: Shannon McCloskey
  • SODN Staff Mentors Young Scientists

Issue 2(1) Spring 2012

  • SODN Supports Saguaro NP BioBlitz
  • Tales from BioBlitz!
  • Staff profile: Cheryl McIntyre
  • Is it Hot in Here? Monitoring Response to the Miller, Horseshoe II, and Monument Fires

Issue 1(3) Spring 2011

  • Reaching Beyond the Boundaries: The Southwest Network Collaboration
  • Staff profile: Kara Raymond
  • The Data Came from Outer Space: Stream Gaging Implementation Continues
  • PhotoMap: National Parks of the Southwest Network Collaboration

Issue 1(2) Winter 2011

  • Natural Resource Condition Assessments Underway
  • Have you seen this plant? Matthiola parviflora (Shousb.) (Brassicaceae)
  • Staff profile: Kate Connor
  • Groundwater In-Depth
  • Volunteers Pull Ton of Trash from Santa Cruz

Issue 1(1) Autumn 2010

  • Rethinking Regional Floristics: Vegetation Mapping and the Flora of the Sonoran Desert Network
  • Staff profile: Steve Buckley
  • The Disappearing River: Recent Hydrologic Changes at Tumacácori NHP

Last updated: February 12, 2019