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One of our primary goals is to develop and maintain certified species lists for vascular plants and vertebrate animals in each network park. These lists are maintained in NPSpecies, which is the master biodiversity database for the National Park Service. Keep in mind that species lists are always works in progress: changes and updates are made as we learn more, and the absence of a species from a list doesn't necessarily mean the species is absent from a park. For some groups of organisms, the most up-to-date information may be available directly from a park.

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The Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet) is a data gateway designed to facilitate the distribution of plant species occurrence information to the environmental research community and the public.

Originally created by Arizona State University, SEINet now includes a network of departments, museums, and agencies from the Southwest and beyond. SEINet uses the latest floristic terminology and links records from over 1.1 million voucher specimens from herbaria throughout the Southwest. It provides species lists, interactive keys and images to aid in plant identification, and interactive distribution maps.

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Last updated: June 22, 2023