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Inventory and Monitoring Division - Central Office

National Park Service
Inventory and Monitoring Division
1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 150
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525-5596

Central Office Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Kirsten Gallo Division Chief 970-267-7153
Joe DeVivo Deputy Chief 970-267-2189
Margaret Beer Communication Specialist 970-267-2168
Karen Brna Management Support Assistant
Karl Brown Vegetation Inventory Program Manager 970-225-3591
Bill Commins IT Specialist 619-557-5450
Derrick Dardano Senior IT Specialist 970-225-3570
Fagan Johnson Publication and Web Specialist 970-267-2190
Simon Kingston Data Manager 970-225-3551
Alex Kumar Landscape Ecologist
Alison Loar Data Manager 970-267-2112
Lisa Nelson Senior GIS Analyst 970-267-2119
Tom Philippi Quantitative Ecologist 619-523-4576

Last updated: August 26, 2020